**Updated 28/04/17**

Final updates ready for Sunday:

Please familiarize yourself with all the notes in this post and the official event page.

Have you read the route and understood the turn around point is after mile 11 not in the first 2 miles?

Toilets on the route are on English Walls.  This is roughly 7.5 miles in.  These are public toilets that the Town Council have kindly opened for us on the morning of the event to ensure anyone mid race can use the facilities.  We will put a big sign up so you see them if you are not local and are unsure where they are.

Please arrive early.  Registration is open 7:30 – 9am.  We have over 20 physios for pre-race massage and plenty to entertain you at the British Ironworks.  Arriving early helps us to ensure that the race starts on time.  Thank you in advance for your support with this.

Have you signed up for your race photos from Pic2Go? Instructions on how to are below.

We hope your training has gone well and we look forward to welcoming you to the British Ironwork Centre on Sunday morning.

UPDATED 21/04/17

The Half Marathon will start at 9:30am and is being held at the British Ironwork Centre. Please use post code SY11 4JH for SAT NAV.

The Route

Please see the featured image above which is an updated image of the route, which is a mix of Shropshire countryside, Oswestry Town Centre and the start and finish within the grounds of the British Ironworks. You will note a turn around point after mile 11.

To be clear for all participants. Within the 1st 2 miles you will not run to the turn around point. You will turn left at the junction and head towards the mile 2 marker, then along Middleton Lane, run an anti-clockwise loop of Oswestry before heading back to Middleton Lane. It is on your return as you pass mile 11 that you will turn left, run to the turn around point and then head back for less than 2 miles to finish. This will be clearly signed and well marshalled on the day.

Free Race Photography

You can now sign up for your free race photography from the team at Sussex Sports Photography with Pic2Go.  Please go to this page and follow the simple instructions to have your race photos put directly into your Facebook timeline as fast as possible during the race.

Pre-Race Schedule

7:30 – 9am Pick up your bib at registration and put your baggage in if you want to. Have a look around the grounds at the amazing sculptures and grab a free massage.  Please arrive early to ensure the race starts on time and to enjoy the pre-race atmosphere.

9:05 – Local world record holder and race ambassador Amy Hughes will take the warm up.

9:15 – Porthywaen Silver Band start to play.

9:30 The Mayor starts the race firing a cannon.


If you are travelling North on the A5 to the venue you will be directed to the Mile End Roundabout by the Amberon traffic management team, where you will go around the roundabout and back on your self to enter the venue by turning left. There will be no traffic turning right into the venue as agreed with Shropshire Council and Highways England. You will be met by the marshal team who will assist you to park. There is no fee to park but there is the option to make a donation to local children’s charity Hope House which you will be able to give in one of the buckets on arrival if you wish.

Your bib will be waiting for you at registration which will open at 7:30am. Registration will close at 9am sharp so please arrive early to pick up your bib and enjoy the British Ironworks Centre and pre-race massage on offer from Joe Brocklehurst, Chris Skitt and their teams. Post race massage will also be available all free of charge.

Registration will have 10 queues each with 100 numbers. We will send you the start list next week so you will know your number and which queue to stand in to pick up your bib. There will also be a notice board with the start list on in case you forget. You will be asked for your name and date of birth, then will be provided with your bib and safety pins. Please fill in the form on the back of the bib before pinning it to your top. Registration is situated in the event village in the British Ironworks which will be clearly sign posted.

Your bib will also have two black QR codes on it. These are linked to the amazing Pic2Go software for your free photos. Please attach your bib to the front of your top. The cameras will recognise your personal QR code for your photos so this is why it is important that your bib is visible and on the front of your top.

If you are travelling from Shrewsbury please be aware there is a charity Motorbike festival on in the Meole Brace area in town. This attracts thousands of bikers. The festival starts at 10am so please be aware of the potential extra traffic on the road and allow yourself a little extra time for your journey. You can read more about this event here.

We will send you more information on the route, start list and how to register to get your photos in the next few days along with the start list for your bib number.

Many thanks from the teams at UKRunChat and The British Ironworks.