A review by @_jen_mo

‘Pump It Up’ is a new product on the market.  It’s a dry body wash that is designed to be used on the go and is   “specially formulated to cleanse your body and eliminate odour creating bacteria with its antibacterial properties, leaving your skin clean and moisturised”.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when it arrived.  I put a bit on my hand to test it out & it comes out as a foam that you rub in & leave to dry.  There are 3 flavours I tried: Cucumber; Raspberry; & Mandarin (there are alo 3 ‘For Men’ flavours: Spearmint & Lime; Coconut; & Eucalyptus. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the smell of all 3 as I sometimes find that fruity flavours can be a bit too sweet smelling & overpowering but these all smell nice.


I went for a run on a hot London day & got to work feeling a bit sweaty.  I am lucky enough to have showers at work but I wanted to give this a try so I used the Pump It Up instead of having a shower.  It’s very quick & easy to use; you just give it a pump, put some foam onto your hand & then rub it in.  It dries very quickly & I was surprised how fast I was left feeling fresh as a daisy. I was a bit worried about testing it at work but I did feel as good as I do when I’ve had a shower and the fresh feeling lasted all day (luckily or I will have been unpopular at work that day).  Also, once you have used it the smell is very subtle so you won’t be overpowering anyone with the fragrance.  I now keep a bottle in my locker at work.

Pump It Up will be great for camping, festivals & definitely running (or any other workout).  I’d highly recommend you get some to use at the end of a run commute, or when you run & don’t have shower access & need something quick & easy.  I am going to Spitfire Scramble 24 hour relay in August & this stuff will be perfect for that.  I use it quite often now when I don’t have shower access:  I’ve used it when I got back to work after a hot lunch in the sun; I turned up at a friend’s house for her son’s birthday party, I got changed & used some Pump It Up & felt relieved that I could use this rather than have to have a shower when I arrived.  The possibilities are endless.


It comes in two sizes and the travel size bottle is great to shove in my bag if I’m going to be out & about all day so I can enjoy the hot weather & stay feeling fresh.  Get yourself a bottle- it’s a bargain price of £3 from Boots.  I’ve used it a few times & it looks like I haven’t used it at all so I expect it’ll last quite a long time.  It’s a great product & I think you’ll love it.


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