We’ve been big fans of Broken Riders apparel for years so when we finally started talking to them about working together, we were pretty excited. Broken Riders was founded by Tom during the recovery period of a damaged ankle from yep, you guessed it, falling off his bike. He does his best to ethically source the materials and makes sure he is looking after the environment as much as possible during the manufacturing processes he uses.

Find out more about Tom, his brand and their outstanding morals here: https://brokenridersuk.com/pages/about-us

Here in the UK, the cold weather is settling in nicely for the foreseeable future, so Tom has very kindly sent us the above hoodie and bobble hat to review for you wonderful people. He also threw in a sticker pack, which as mountain bikers we all know is a massive bonus. Oh yeah, one more thing to note before we get down to business is that anyone who signs up to their newsletter (on the homepage of their website) gets a £5 discount on their first order. Head over to their website and have a nosey.

Men’s Broken Riders logo grey organic cotton pullover hoodie.
Starting with the hoodie, the material is FairWear certified (https://www.fairwear.org/) and the main logo on the chest is printed using water based PVC inks. The material used is 60% organic combined cotton and 40% polyester.

Its purpose is for casual wear to keep you warm off the bike, and boy oh boy does it do what it says on the tin. The super soft material used on the inside is heavenly and is perfect for anything from a trip to the shops to those chilly winter dig days. It has a regular fit, not too baggy and certainly not too tight. I asked them to send over a large as that’s what size I usually am, and it’s spot on. I purposely took the bike out round the local woods for a quick ten-minute blast wearing the hoody to get it muddy and check how it cleans. A normal 30-degree wash was enough to remove all the dirt as you’d expect. It also held its size and superior softness after airier drying which is great as I’ve had some other brands apparel shrink after the first wash- super annoying!

The price tag really doesn’t reflect the quality of this product. I mean, you could easily walk into your local bike shop and spend in excess of £60 on a ‘name brand’ (BR are too but you know what I mean) hoodie. I’ve owned both and would even go as far as saying that Broken Riders have produced something superior here. If you add in the fact that their apparel is super green and super clean by their sourcing and manufacturing standards, its actually incredible how they do it, or more to the point, why the bigger brands don’t.

The design of the hoodie is exceptional. We love the look of it, the placement and size of the white logo and the red BR tab on the centre pocket is a cool touch too. The waistband on the bottom keeps the hoodie in place well and helps to stop it riding up your back much whilst being active (especially whilst digging/building), while at the same time isn’t so tight that it feels restraining. The colours of the logos are bold, and the cut is sharp… we are very impressed. Did I mention it looks super cool too?

Broken Riders logo black fuzz bobble hat
Moving onto the bobble hat, we couldn’t put it any better than they do on their website:
“Keeps your head warm, keeps the teapot warm, what’s not to like?”

Now then, I already have a pretty cushy bobble hat, but I have a friend who has one of these exact hats so when the BR black fuzz turned up along with the hoodie, I had high expectations for it.

The hat is an acrylic cable-knit style bobble hat, with embroidered Broken Riders logo on the front, super-soft fleece headband lining and bobble up top, of course. I’ve owned some bobble hats in my time let me tell you, it is the most annoying thing when you put on the headwear that is supposed to keep your head warm and it doesn’t cover it all, or the bottom of your ears hang out, or the base of your neck- yeah, that’s the worst. Well let me tell you something else… the Broken Riders bobble hat is the thing of dreams. It covers everything. I mean, even having the headband on your eyebrows there’s still enough material at the back to hug the back of your neck. CUSHY.

The hat is super comfy, super cool and super warm. Better yet, it’s made and sold at a very competitive price in comparison to others currently on the market.

There’s not an awful lot to say here. Usually I’d ramble on about the pros and cons of the products reviewed above, but would ‘it keeps you too warm’ be a sufficient ‘con’? Nah, didn’t think so either. Both the hoodie and bobble hat come in at a combined price of £52. So that’s just over 50 quid to keep properly warm on the side of the trails whilst you’re not riding, plus you’ll look cool while you’re at it. Everyone’s a winner!