HOBO – £59.99

For those of you that haven’t heard of Cycloc, they are a London based cycle storage and display company and are globally recognised for their innovation and production capabilities from right here in the UK. Their products are designed and manufactured by their dedicated in house team and this certainly shows in the quality and characteristics of their products.

The team as Cycloc very kindly sent us the HOBO for test and review free of charge. The HOBO is a robust display and workstand manufactured from one piece of 32mm round steel tubing, with plastic plugs in either end to finish to a high standard. The stand can be ordered in one of four colours (red, green, white or black), and arrived safely boxed without damage in a very reasonable timescale. As the HOBO is to suit bikes with hollow cranks, it also comes with three different size spacers to suit your crank bore diameter, 12mm, 18mm and 22mm.

Upon removing the HOBO from the box and placing it on my concrete garage floor, I noticed that there are not any feet on the bottom which essentially meant that the stand was almost instantly scratched whilst being moved around and while my bike was being worked on. This is purely a minor cosmetic issue however, and could be easily solved with the installation of some foam/rubber/plastic feet or strips on the bottom of the stand.

The stand itself is solid and robust, and holds the bike in a good position for most maintenance aspects, especially things like servicing a dropper, changing handlebars or giving your bike a final once over before race day. What I like about the HOBO is that there is plenty of pedal clearance for any drive train issues where you need to spin the pedals through a full 360 degree revolution. The wide triangular base ensures that your bike is held well, although not completely solid whilst any work is carried out.

I took the HOBO with me on our recent social ride at Cwmcarn Forest where I used it for my pre ride maintenance checks like bolt torques, oiling the chain, putting air in my rear shock and checking tyre pressures. It was surprisingly useful for this as it meant I could safely leave the bike stood next to the car without having to worry about the wind blowing it over from a leaning position or someone driving over it whilst it is lying on the ground. This isn’t something most people think of but a friend of mine has had it happen to him which made me aware of the issue.

Yet another benefit to the HOBO is due to its one piece design, the moving parts are kept to an absolute minimum meaning there is less to go wrong and repair in the future. Its hollow centre also helps with storage when taking it with you to the trails as things like shoes and your bag can be stored inside the framework during transit.


We believe Cycloc have produced a high quality product with their HOBO. It is structurally strong yet lightweight, looks the part and unlike the 3 legged folding workstands its footprint is no bigger than the width of your bike, making it a great storage device for the garage. It complies with all major mountain bike brands with a hollow crank set and is an essential piece of equipment for any up and coming rider who wishes to start their own home maintenance regime. An impressive product from an impressive UK based company.