The guys at Postfender have come up with an innovative and revolutionary concept to protect our dropper posts from water, dirt and dust ingress. Their design is based around a completely self-fixing, 100% recyclable polypropylene foldable sheet of what essentially feel like a floppy piece of plastic upon delivery.
What is great about this product is that once you fold the Postfender along the designated lines it becomes strong and feels very durable. Their website (above) has a useful video showing where to fold and how to fit the guard. It arrives as you would see it hanging in a shop (pictured), with a couple of stickers included to add some colour to the guard itself.

I took the guard out on a couple of rides, one local and one around 80 miles away, and wasn’t surprised to find it sitting at a 45 degree angle after travelling at 70mph with my bike on the roof for the best part of the long journey. As it is solid polypropylene it builds up quite a resistance to the wind, so we would advise removing it and re attaching upon arrival if you carry your bike on the roof of your car. On the plus side it does only take 2 minutes to fit the guard so it’s not a massive issue.

The Postfender does exactly what it says on the tin. It protects your dropper post from the majority of mud and dust spraying up from the back wheel. I confirmed tis by thoroughly cleaning my post and checking it again after the 4 hour ride to find little dirt on the post or around the seals.

Craig and his team very kindly sent us three Postfenders free of charge for test and review, so we gave the other two away to a couple of our twitter followers and asked what their opinions were. Here’s what they said…

“Postfender is a great design that works really well. The guard was a breeze to install and looks the part unlike some attempts I’ve seen using inner tubes. For the cost of its protection against the price of my dropper post itself it’s a no brainer and I’ll definitely be buying another one as and when I need one. I’d recommend it to anyone!”

“The Postfender is excellent. It does exactly what it says on the tin and protects my seat post from mud and debris. I started off my ride with a clean bike and ended it with a dirty bike and a pretty much immaculate dropper post. I was impressed with the design and the way it self-attaches to the saddle rails. It’s a great idea at a competitive price“.

The only other advice we would give when assembling the Postfender is to make sure you cut it as short as possible without it fouling on your seat clamp. Reason being is that I made a rookie error of leaving it a touch longer and it was scraping my rear wheel under full compression of my rear shock.


What can you buy for £10 these days? How about one of your favourite fast food meals, a couple of beers down the local or a few pairs of socks? Nah. What you could buy is one of these products to protect a much larger investment. Yes, there are a few minor niggles that could do with being sorted but for ten quid its great value! The Postguard is a brilliant piece of modern innovation that is sure to be hitting the shops near you soon. Until then, we suggest you head over to their website and take a look for yourselves.