We have been working with the guys at Total Bleed Solutions again after we were so impressed with their bleed kits, this time we review a full set of 5 top cap spanners.

The spanners arrived swiftly, individually wrapped in protective paper inside a hard backed jiffy bag for extra protection. Upon removing them from the packaging we had an instant feel of quality. The finish on the edges of the spanners has been left smooth and ergonomically friendly, there is a small hole in the opposite end for safe keeping on the wall and they have even thought of relieving the inside corners of the hexagon to help reduce damage to the spanner and top cap.

Total Bleed Solutions stock a range of spanner sizes including 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm and 32mm. These generic sizes will fit all Rockshox and Fox forks, as well as a few other brands but I would advise checking with them first as their website states ‘Fox – Rockshox and more’. My bike is currently running Rockshox Revelations so the 24mm was the one for me. The spanner itself fits perfectly around the top cap with very little side play on the hexagon. The round head eliminates any top crown damage that could be caused by an adjustable spanner or socket that is too large and it is lightweight yet durable and strong at the same time. May I also add that the anodised finish in each colour is impeccable, a very nice touch.

As only one spanner fits my forks we decided to give the others away to some of our followers on Twitter and asked for their opinions…

“So, it does what it says on the tin. It is lightweight & stylish. The flat profile allows the tool to engage fully with the top cap. The length allows enough torque to be applied. It is of a soft enough material that it won’t round off the top caps but I’m not sure how long it will take for the tool to round off though. It is certainly a tool for the home mechanic who doesn’t need to work too often on the damper and spring, certainly a better option than a typical chamfered socket.”

“I really like the TBS top cap spanners. They have a great feel to them and are very lightweight. They feel strong and I think they will last a long time. At under £10 they are well worth buying to save any damage to the top of your forks and potentially a more costly repair. I would certainly recommend them to anyone that does home repairs or servicing themselves.”

“A top bit of kit for a top price. The spanner works as it should, it feels durable and it’s nice to hold and work with. The only improvement I can think of is some sort of etching on the handle for their logo rather than a sticker but I’m just being fussy. I will definitely be buying another one as and when the time comes to replace this one!”


We try to be as honest as we can in our reviews, pointing out both good points and where improvements could be made but we genuinely can’t fault these spanners. They have been made to an exceptional standard, they are a brilliant addition to anyone’s home mechanic set and they can be bought at a very competitive price.