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From the 6th September 2015, I will be running 5000 miles around the British mainland coast.

Starting from London, the run will take me clockwise, keeping as close to the coast as possible. The aim of the run is to raise money for my chosen charity; the Superhero Foundation, but also inspire others, in the same way they have inspired me.

There’s also the fact that, like you, I love running! When I say I love running, it’s worth pointing out that I’m not brilliant at it. Far from it. I’m a plodder who’s not a huge fan of races and PBs. My love for running is all about being outside, putting one foot in front of the other and seeing where the wind takes me. I had originally planned to start my run in February but a few days before Christmas, brewed up on beers and fancy cocktails, I jumped off a wall and broke my ankle. It goes without saying, I was gutted. The break had broken my heart and at first, I thought my dream of running the coast was over before it had even started. But then I remembered UKRUNCHAT! I’d often send tweets seeking advice or simply take pleasure at reading about other peoples experiences. Whether it was community members reaching their goals or reading the answers to their running related questions, I found inspiration. It was then that I realised, this isn’t the end, it’s just another story in my adventure.

My doctor didn’t subscribe a dosage of UKRunChat activity but he should have although, the Codine and physio definitely helped. Just by scrolling through Twitter, I’ve learnt so much about running. On any given day there’s runners who ask great questions (some that have never occurred to me) and the responses from the community are interesting and knowledgeable. When you’re a bed bound runner, what could be more inspiring? Now, nine pins, a plate, two good looking scars and eight months later, my ankle’s feeling much better and I’m ready to start my challenge.

The idea is still the same – running clockwise around the coast but this time around, I don’t really have a deadline to finish it. Before, the plan was to run between 20 – 30 miles a day and finish within six or seven months. No such plan now- I just want to finish it.

The run starts on Sunday 6th September at 10am, under the shadow of the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. If you happen to be local, I’d love a cheeky wave off but more importantly, I would love it if any of the UKRunChat community would run with me at any stage. I will have a tracker and with twitter, facebook and my blog, I should be easily found (plus my rucksack is bright orange and my sweaty red face may well be seen from space).

For more info visit: waynerussell.org/about

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