Each year I like to do a crazy challenge, whereby I put my body through some sort of torture in the name of charity. Last year I took on the World’s Oldest Ultra Marathon Comrades, running 56 miles uphill in the African heat.

Trying to top that this year was always going to be difficult but I’ve been racking my brains and I think I’ve successfully done it! So on the 19th August I’m going to attempt to run the entire distance of Britain’s first National Trail, the Pennine Way, over the course of a week. I’ll be self-supported carrying all my own kit and a tent.

Described as “one of Britain’s best known and toughest” trails it will involve running, hobbling and crawling 268 miles in 7 days which breaks down to the equivalent of just over a Marathon and a Half every day for a week.

I’ll be starting on the 19th August in Edale in Derbyshire and all being well will finish at Kirk Yelthom in Scotland at some point on the 26th August a week later. Over the course of the week there’ll be in excess of 35,000 ft of ascent (higher than Everest) on some of the most barren terrain the country has to offer.

I am doing this to raise money for a fantastic cause and in honour of a truly inspirational person who recently lost their brave battle with cancer. If you would take the time to look at the links below then I’m sure you’ll agree.



Bex has really created a legacy in her community and Team Bex have so far raised over £52,000 for Hunts Community Cancer Network to continue their great work in the local community.

They are now trying to raise £2,000 for a community external defibrillation unit to be sited at Hinchingbrooke Country Park for the benefit of all park users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including the weekly parkrun. Having an external defibrillation unit at Hinchingbrooke Country Park that is available 24/7 also means that people can be directed to the unit by the emergency services in the event of an emergency taking place. This can quite simply be the difference between life and death! At present they are a quarter of the way towards the total and I’d love to be able to get them closer to that total.

All people need to do is click the link below and make a donation, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is every little helps and this could literally help save lives!


Tuesday 23 August

Unfortunately this challenge hasn’t gone to plan and Phil is no longer running the Pennine Way itself but he has been running the distance using his home as a base and doing daily runs. He will finish on Saturday 27 by doing Peterborough Park run with #TeamBex there, so go along if you can and support him.