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Technical Information

Did you know that incorrect running technique is the most common cause of running injuries and that 80% of people run with poor technique?Simple record your running and send it to us and we will analysis your running and give you support and detailed information to improve your running efficiency.
The hardest part to this for myself was getting some decent footage of my running.  In the end I had to settle for a short treadmill run catching about 30 seconds of footage showing me running from the side and the back.I then emailed this over to the team and ShapeSports and awaited my review.

I did not have to wait too long as it was back with me within 3 days and I was really impressed with the level of detail and presentation.  My video had been edited and merged to music with graphical overlays to demonstrate the angles of running, lines of balance and pronation and it made it really easy to see what and how my running could be improved.

Blaz (My reviewer) made comment on the video within a full report that broke down my running into 5 areas: Landing, landing position, hips, arms and foot role.   He suggested I sent a further video to analyse my body angles which I didn’t get a chance to do prior to this review (No extra cost).  Each point was described and backed up with support material on how I could improve this aspect if there was any to be made.  Blaz also included links to support videos and some suggested exercises that would help to improve my running.

Overall it was a great tool to become more reflective on my running and look at fine tuning my style to help get those extra seconds to get the next PB.

I was offered a review in a couple of months also to see if there had been any improvements.  Which I will definitely take up!


  • Speed of return
  • Quality of Feedback and production
  • After support


  • Relies on good quality filming (I focussed too much on my legs and feet rather than whole body)
  • As not done in first person the results can be slightly false as you may not be running naturally (I struggle to run in my natural gate on a running machine)

Is it worth doing?

If you have got to a stage in your running where you are chasing PB’s and/or Fighting continuous injuries I think this is worth it.  The service is far better than the 10 minutes you receive for free in your local running shop when you go to get new trainers as its more focussed on improvements rather than which type of shoe is best.