As part of the recent UKRunChat Mother’s Day competition, I was lucky enough to win a Shock Absorber HR monitor run bra from Less Bounce.



I’m a die hard panache under-wired sports bra fan so it was going to take a lot of convincing to switch from my trusted style and brand.

When I saw the Shock Absorber bra I thought no way is that gonna stop me from getting black eyes on interval sprints. I thought it seemed quite flimsy and the lack of under-wire filled me with horror.

However, I’ve got to admit that its looks were deceiving. It’s an amazing bra, as good as my beloved panache bras but with an amazing added extra of having an integrated HR sensor within the chest band.

My Garmin HR monitor snapped on easily and my HR reading was detected by my watch immediately. Good HR data with no gaps for entire duration of the runs I’ve used it for so far.

Major bonus is that i don’t have to wear my separate HR monitor chest strap that’s too big for me and falls down halfway round a run resulting in me stand in the middle of the pavement looking like I’m groping myself as I try to yank it back up.

sports bra


Also, I need to give a big thumbs up to @lessbounce for sending me the bra and for advising me on size. They suggested a back size up and a cup size down from my panache size and that was spot on. Great customer service!

Finally, I’m sure you’re not supposed to put it in the washing machine but after a 3 ½ hour run I’ll be damned if I’ll fanny about hand washing sweaty bras and can confirm the bra has remained as good as new after a few 40’C washes.

So it gets a big thumbs up from me. Thank you UKRunChat.