Now I have your attention, let me clarify what I mean about racing “naked”  Over the past few years, whenever I was training for a race I religiously used my Garmin, to set miles/pace etc and I trained to the beeps of my watch.  At times I didn’t look forward to the taskmaster that was my Garmin and sometimes the pleasure of running went away because of the rigidity of the bleeps and running at certain speeds.

Technology Running Man

I recently ran the D33 Ultramarathon and I used my Garmin for my training but when I reached my taper I decided just to do runs, without the Garmin (I ran naked)  A week before the D33 I did a lovely 13 mile run along the beach and over the cliffs, a quite hard run but it was a lovely day and I enjoyed it.  The following day I decided to turn up and enter Nairn 10km, the thought behind it was just to enter and just run, no time pressure, no pace pressure, just run as I feel.  The race started and I ran as I felt and I felt good, surprisingly after my 13 mile the day before.  I enjoyed running the 10km and chatted to various people on the way round.  After I finished the timings were put up fairly quickly and imagine my surprise when I realised I had ran a PB for this course by 5 seconds.

Rely on technology

All the way round I felt really strong and comfortable and I didn’t have my Garmin telling me to “run faster” “run slower”  It was a lovely way to run and one we should maybe all do, forget the technology, just go for a run “naked” and get back to enjoying just running.  I have another 10km this weekend and then I am running a Marathon the following weekend.  I think I am just going to run both of these races as I feel and see how it goes.  I do enjoy using my Garmin and I use it regularly but I think I will not use it as regularly as I once did and every now and again just “run naked”  Why not try it yourself and see how it feels.  It might increase your enjoyment of running and racing.