Great family atmosphere at the Shrewsbury Half Marathon 2016

We are delighted to have Chris Skitt, one of the UK’s top sports physiotherapists, agree to do a pre Shrewsbury Half Marathon seminar and best of all it is free… There are only 40 places available and it’s first come first served so fill out the form at the bottom of the page to request your place. (please note that to attend the seminar, you must be taking part in the Shrewsbury Half Marathon 2017).

It takes place on Saturday 17th June (the day before the Shrewsbury Half) and is held in the President’s Suite at the Showground. Time will be confirmed prior to the event and you will be notified by email.

Gait is great!!!

For far too long now people have associated gait analysis with expensive orthotics / insoles and or over priced running trainers…………well not anymore!

The use of gait analysis can be a fundamental part of preventing them annoying overuse injuries that are all far too common in our running community.

Overuse injuries come from the repetitive use of incorrect technique or loading patterns over time. This cause tissue to be stressed past their limit and unfortunately they ‘break’ leaving pain, discomfort and of course, no running.

With the use of the latest pressure and force technology we at CSPhysiotherapy have been monitoring people’s gait and making suggestions based on our findings. Whether you be a forefoot, mid foot or heel strike runner, we will profile every aspect of the interaction your feet have with the floor. We use the rs scan force / pressure plate across varying exercises which provide an insight to the way you load your foot, this allows use to provide corrective exercise pertinent to you!!!!!! Of course from the analysis, if necessary we can provide insoles but all to often these insoles are sold instead of well prescribed targeted exercises given.

The force plate used can analyse centre of pressure, the movement of power through the foot during gait, specific pressures within the foot as well as areas of risk with in the foot as well as much much more. We will be demonstrating the use of the rs scan equipment at the shrewsbury half marathon and would be only too pleased to see you there.

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