Product Sigvaris Sport Pulse Road Calf Guards
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Technical Information
All the benefits of Sigvaris compression socks but for those of you who like the “trainer” socks you have now. Great for Triathlon – they even make it easier to get the wetsuit on – as they are footless and can be used in all 3 disciplines. They have been shown to improve balance by up to 20%, and reduce muscle vibration by 20%, as well as conveying the benefits of Sigvaris performance socks. Available in trendy colours too!
I began to use these solely on long runs to help reduce fatigue but now use them for many types of activity.  I have really noticed the difference in recovery times between wearing them for running and recovery.  I was sceptical on how effective they would be but I’m truly sold.  I now wear them on long runs as well as after runs to help with muscle recovery.  I found these also really useful in combating shin splints.   Because they are a sleeve rather than a sock it also meant I could continue to wear my favourite running socks and have no ‘fit’ issues with my shoes. I am still on my first pair and I have had them for over a year and they have only just begun to show any wear.  I have tried other brands to see if they are ‘all the same’ but I have to say that you definitely get what you pay for as the graduated compression feels comfortable and they feel tight but not too tight due to the unique fitting system.  These are used by many profession athletes as after using them I can see why!



  •          Great fit due to measuring calf and ankle
  •          Good colour choice
  •          Great for recovery as well as whilst running
  •          Strong and robust
  •          Comfortable to wear



  •          Price – (Discount codes available)