Two women attempt to run length of Holland in just five days for Breast Cancer…in only their underwear… Celebs show support…by getting their kit off too!

A range of celebrities have literally got down to their underwear to raise awareness of the amazing challenge that British Women Marina Ranger and Lucja Leonard have set themselves, to run 500K in just 5 days across Holland, starting 27th July to raise money for breast cancer.

The celebrities include Carly Stenson, TV star from Channel Four’s Hollyoaks, Caroline Pearce, the TV sports Presenter and ex-gladiator, Tonia Buxton, Chef and TV presenter and Casey Batchelor model and ex Celebrity Big Brother star. All have bared all and got into their running underwear tweeting selfies in support of the campaign.

Marina from London and Lucja from Edinburgh are regular runners, but this is their biggest and most revealing adventure yet.

Breast cancer has touched Lucja and her Dutch relatives (insert details) personally with 3 Aunties and her Mother in Law having been treated successfully with the removal of breasts and ongoing treatment. As two young ladies they know this is very real threat that we all need to be aware of and want to raise funds and awareness of the cause.

Lucja Leonard said: ‘Since venturing into the world of ultra-running 3 years ago, I have felt compelled to continue to push my limits and experience new and exciting challenges whilst exploring stunning landscapes and vistas around the world. This is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done but it is so important to me. Breast cancer has affected my family in so many ways and I am so determined to help others with the condition and to raise funds for research’.

Marina Ranger said: ‘This will be my biggest challenge yet where I will once again be pushing my body to its limits to see what it is truly capable of. While most people might call me mad, I feel privileged to be able to do something amazing with such a great friend. I was instantly up for it when Lucja hatched the idea. Seeing what breast cancer has done to my friend’s family has made me all the more determined that we can do this and raise lots of money for the fight against the disease’.

An important part of this adventure is to raise funds for their chosen charity, Pink Ribbon Foundation. For further information on donating to the ladies #500kin5days challenge visit the JustGiving page

The run amounts to more than two marathons per day, an incredible challenge of stamina for even the most trained runners. It takes them along the Pieterpad, 500km from Pieterburren in the North of Holland to the 3 land point near Maastricht (Holland, Belgium, Germany).

The ladies met and formed a close friendship in the Kalahari Desert, 3 years ago, taking part in their first multi-stage race, and decided they wanted to face this challenge together. They have competed in extreme races all over the world regularly running ultra-running events, usually defined as race lengths exceeding marathons. Its mission is to fund projects and provide financial support to charities, which help to work to advance the understanding of breast cancer, its early detection and treatment as well as support care for breast cancer.

Runderwear, makers of running underwear, are also donating 10% of the sale of any of the pink hipster brief and crop top to The Pink Ribbon Foundation as well to really get behind such a great cause.