I have never used energy gels that avidly but as I have pushed my times and distance I have started to use them more regularly.  SiS Energy Gels are widely available and are one of the leading brands on the market of energy you can buy them online, in your local sports shop and even your local supermarket but beware the prices do vary from place to place.  SiS regularly do deals and so do many of the online shops.

The key thing for me was that I can understand the use of gels can really help your performance but the taste and texture was always my first thought and my issue.  I find that some gels leave a synthetic aftertaste and make me even more thirsty than before but I was surprised by the SiS Isotonic gels.  I was lucky enough to get a real range of flavours to test and had a great opportunity to test them out training for my latest race and also do a bit of taste testing with some fellow runners.

I personally found the gels easy to open, drink and digest, even on training runs.  I do however feel a little puzzled to do with the rubbish afterwards.  I have found them easy to digest with no side effects and found if I followed the advice of 3 an hour you could feel the benefit both in training and racing.  They are all the same for their ingredients and benefits so it just comes down to you preferred taste.

So I was able to test the following flavours: Blackcurrant, Tropical, orange, lemon and lime and apple.   Here are my thoughts on taste (Don’t forget all of us have different likes and dislikes so it’s worth trying for yourself)

Blackcurrant this and Apple were my 2 least favourite flavours.  They were still useable but out of choice I personally would not choose them as the flavours were quiet strong.

Orange was a true middle of the road.  If you like orange squash you cannot go wrong with this one as I would be surprised if you didn’t like it.

Tropical and Lemon and Lime were surprisingly my favourites.  Lemon and lime also can out tops with the other runners that tasted them.  We were all surprised that we would choose this one but this was my gel of choice.

Personally I like a variety and I know you can buy a mixed pack for around £14 which has 9 gels including caffeine and L Carnitine and a Nitrate gel (Last 3 types not tested) so as I get ready for a training run I reach for variety of gels rather than 1 particular flavour.

So as you push your distance or training further and you start to look towards energy gels I think you cannot go wrong with SiS gels for taste, quality and ease of purchase.