SKINS New K-PROPRIUM Compression Tights Review

Transform Your Performance


What they say:

Transform Your Performance

SKINS Launches New K-PROPRIUM Compression Tights

Sports compression wear leader SKINS has pushed the boundaries of performance sportswear to the next level with their all-new K-PROPRIUM men’s and women’s long tights.

Launching globally in February 2017, SKINS’ K-PROPRIUM combine the world’s best Dynamic Gradient Compression with strategically placed Proprioceptive Power Bands (PPB’s) to fight fatigue, reduce the risk of injury and improve performance by enhancing proprioception.

Never heard of proprioception? Here’s a quick run-down. K-PROPRIUM-not-for-you_OriginalProprioception is the unconscious perception of motion and spatial awareness. It’s the body’s ability to sense movement in the joints, so you’re aware of where your limbs are without having to look. It’s important for everyday activities like standing and walking, but it’s even more important during physical activity where dynamic movements and co-ordination are vital for optimal performance. When you’re active for long periods of time, the body’s ability to perform at a sustained intensity drops as the muscles become fatigued. This reduces the joint support that controls normal motion effectively, and can lead to poor form and increased risk of injury.

Built using SKINS’ Dynamic Gradient Compression, K-PROPRIUM helps improve your performance by getting more oxygen to your active muscles and removing waste products from the body faster. But that’s not all. With the addition of the unique PPB’s, that have a similar effect to athletic strapping, the SKINS K-Proprium tights take the benefits of compression one step further by stimulating proprioception. The strategically placed bands are embedded in the long tights and wrap the body’s prime movers – the lower body muscle groups used most for running, jumping and rotating – giving them the support they need to stay activated and able to control motion for longer periods of time. This helps to delay the rate of fatigue so you’re able to work for longer at a higher intensity. In addition, an ergonomically shaped waistband provides additional lower back stability and core support.

A precision fit based on 3D body scanning data maximises the compression benefits, while 360-degree reflective logos ensure visibility during low light activity. Constructed using a combination of 5 technical fabrics with 50+ UV sun protection, moisture management wicking and ADAPTIVE Technology to optimise body temperature, SKINS K-PROPRIUM long tights are a practical, durable and comfortable piece of equipment for men and women that want to take their performance to the next level.

SKINS’ Head of Product Development Pär Westerlind says, “SKINS exist to make a difference both on and off the field of play. This is what drives us to innovate and create the very best performance products that inspire and enable athletes to be the best they can be. K-Proprium is just the next step in our journey of development and delivers something really special for endurance athletes.”

By merging the benefits of compression with enhanced proprioception, K-PROPRIUM is the ultimate long tight for endurance training and high load, high intensity workouts.


“These are never going to fit.”

My first thoughts as I pulled a pair of tiny looking and rather spangly SKINS New K-PROPRIUM Compression Tights from their smart box. My initial impressions were conflicting, obviously highly engineered with different materials covering their surface they have an almost rubbery feel and you immediately get a feel of high quality, high end fitness clothing but boy they’re ‘eye catching’!

I squeezed into them… and it is a squeeze. I’m a true medium, in pretty much everything I wear from every brand but these certainly live up to their name and are TIGHT! Once on they feel snug but comfortable, cosseting my lower limbs nicely although I was very conscious of my middle age spread muffin-topping over the wide waistband.

2017-01-23 20.02.17I have use them for a couple of runs and they are comfortable, but the K-PROPRIUM really come in to their own for HIIT body weight training… not really much of a surprise when you consider the pistol squat challenge SKINS are running with the launch. They certainly do appear to provide the advertised improvement in balance and control, most noticeable during the stretches and yoga poses included in my usual routines. I felt I could push that little bit harder and actually wanted a matching upper body garment as I felt this was being left behind. The following day I also felt noticeably less stiffness than I would usually after a hard HIIT session so they also appear to reduce the fatigue as described in the marketing blurb.

I had planned to wear them during my recent attempt at the Spine, but decided against it. Not because I don’t like the K-PROPRIUM Compression Tights themselves, but rather because they are so figure hugging and clingy they are not easy to peel off… and in an event like that these things matter. The colourways are not to my personal taste and I will be keeping them for my indoor sessions rather than training runs, but I’m sure they’ll fit right in at most gym classes for the slightly less self-conscious.

I am a big fan of SKINS gear, I use a pair of their DNAmic Superpose Shorts for all my Ultra-Marathons and the matching t-shirt is regularly used in colder weather. The K-PROPRIUM Compression Tights continue their pedigree of providing top of the line cutting edge clothing for the discerning endorphin junky.