#TeamRed v #TeamBlue

We have two teams taking part in this years Spitfire Scramble!

Spitfire Scramble is a 24-hour multi-terrain relay or solo race. You can run on your own or in teams of two to eight runners. As you run through the night, the event will put your speed, endurance, torch batteries and teamwork to the test in the only event of its kind in the London area. 

Team Red:










Team Blue:










For more information & directions for participants & spectators : Click Here for the Website

If you’re taking part these Top Tips are for YOU!

We know a few of us are first timers this year, so here are some top tips from those that did it last year:


  • Last year a team of 7 did approx. 4 laps each. Laps are just under 10k and are cross country.
  • “I would recommend everyone does a day & night lap”.
  • 1 person from your team will be running, make sure you know who is running next from your team and be there in good time. There is nothing worse for the outgoing runner than not being met… should they run again or wait for their relief?!?
  • During the night make sure you are awake in good time.
  • Memorise the course as much as possible while it’s light. The trail is well lit but remember there are white painted tree roots on the course.
  • In the excitement of finishing a lap, don’t forget to stretch PROPERLY… you’ll be running again in a few hours! Pack (&take) anti-inflammatories.
  • When you get to the top of the hill look left for an amazing view over London.
  • Don’t underestimate- it’s tough. Include some back to back 10k runs in your training.


Food & Drink

  • Eat well… the onsite caterer makes grabbing a bite to eat quick & easy… or liaise with teammates to have a brew & food on the go for your return. Consume a gel, sweets or energy bar 30mins before you expect your next lap to start.
  • Go or the ‘All You Can Eat’ option that was about £20 last year. This includes hot drinks.
  • They supply water. Take your own sports drinks if you want them.
  • Take water/fluids with you while you run.
  • Take your own sweets, bourbons, custard creams, jaffa cakes etc etc etc.
  • “The food choice wasn’t brilliant last year so take some easy snack stuff for energy”
  • Spitfire have said there is a new caterer this year so the catering should be improved upon from last year.
  • Eat all day/night long to keep energy levels up.
  • “Sorry – no alcohol! And it’s probably best to avoid drinking heavily at the wedding on the Friday night – I’m looking at you @ianlilbruv!” (interesting advice as I have a week of drinking in the build up to this weekend & it’s my Birthday on the 16th).



  • Have at least 5 changes of kit as there’s nothing worse than putting damp kit back on.
  • You must take a head torch. They have to be worn from 7pm. So get yourself a decent one.
  • Have a spare pair of trainers with you if you have them, so you can swap.
  • Have spare batteries/chargers.
  • The course is not technical so road shoes will work if it’s not wet. I would avoid aggressive tread off road shoes.
  • Don’t leave your phone on charge in your car all night… it will flatten your battery!



  • Take earplugs so you can get some decent sleep while resting.
  • Don’t expect to get much sleep.
  • Take hand sanitizer & loo roll.
  • No showers on site so take baby wipes/ dry wash.
  • If you camp near the woods have some mosquito spray with you.
  • Pitch your tents together – the social aspect of this event is its greatest asset.


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Photo courtesy of Eddie Macdonald