What made you get into triathlons?

I had finished studying for my chartered accountancy exams and realised I had a lot of time on my hands. My boss suggested entering a local triathlon, and as I’ve always loved swimming I thought I’d give it a go. It was a very gentle affair, transition wasn’t timed, and I was on my mum’s mountain bike, but I loved it, and quickly entered another.


What has been your proudest/best triathlon moment?

Hmmm, this was supposed to be finishing the IM 70.3 in Mallorca earlier this month, but as I didn’t train enough and couldn’t get up the mountain, I’m going to have to think of something else.

Completing my first standard distance tri was pretty special. I was dead last, but so many people stuck around to cheer me into the finish the photos look like I’ve won. I was so grateful to everyone, and so happy to have conquered a new distance.


What has been the biggest challenge you have faced?

For me, my biggest challenge is motivation. I have to train in the mornings, if I sit on the sofa at the end of the day, I’m not getting up again. As I work in Central London with a 1.5 hour commute, this means some very early mornings. My bed wins over training more times than it should. I don’t know how people who work and have children do it!


Who is your inspiration, and why?

I find inspiration in lots of people. My boss, who initially got me into triathlons and has since completed a 70.3 IM and the London Marathon; My mum and sister, who started running to complete a 10k race with me; My boyfriend, who was a PT in the army and has been inspired by me to take up triathlons, I know I’ll be good when I can beat him up a hill.

Training takes up a lot of my spare time, so having support at work and at home is amazing and helps so much.


What are your future goals?

To get up that mountain in Mallorca! My thighs will be made of steel and no poxy mountain will stop me completing the 70.3 and getting my medal.

I’d also like to improve my running by completing the London Marathon.

………And maybe one day….. A full IronMan.


What would be your one piece of essential advice to someone looking to start up triathlons? 

Don’t be put off by the swim. It’s the bit that takes the shortest time, there are several events with pool swims, and I’ve been overtaken on the bike by a man who walked the shallow end of his lengths.

Everyone is so friendly and helpful to beginners. Just give it a go.


What is your favourite piece of triathlon kit?

My bike. I got my first bike through the cycle to work scheme, but when it was stolen, I was given the chance to upgrade my replacement by my insurance company. She’s a beautiful, black and purple Specialized Amira. Having spent so long with her, she’s like a friend, we face races and challenges together, and yes, I do talk to her.


What’s your favourite thing about triathlons?

My favourite thing would have to be the triathlon community. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. I’m not a naturally sporty person, I was always intimidated by the sporty, popular kids at school, but being an adult in triathlon is nothing like that. More experienced triathletes are always happy to share tips, training plans and just chat about their experiences. I’ve made so many friends through triathlons. I love it.


As it’s Women in Sport Week: What do you think is the biggest challenge for women triathletes, & how do you overcome them?

I think the first step is the biggest challenge. I’m a member of a triathlon group, and for the first year, I didn’t train with them, I was too scared of being last. But as soon as I went, everyone was so friendly, and amazing, and approachable. When you’re naked in a changing room with a bunch of female triathletes, no question is silly. You can ask what you want, and the other women care, and will answer.

However, I am a firm believer there are no challenges unique to women. If you want to do it, you can.