Sunwise Equinox RM White Sunglasses

Cost: £34.99

Pearl White with Yellow Features Lens Type: Polycarbonate Lens Colour: Red Multi-layer Mirror, Orange, Yellow, and Clear

Sunwise® Interchangeables have a variety of durable, lightweight, comfortable, secure-wearing models and are proven best sellers.

Equinox RM White includes three extra sets of high definition, lightweight and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, to ensure the very best visibility whatever the light conditions. Medium lens coverage for protection against sunlight, wind, sand and flying objects but allows air flow.

Prescriptions lenses can be added to your prescription compatible Sunwise frames at any authorised Sunwise Opticians specialist, for a professional and reliable fitting standard.

To find out more about how to obtain Sunwise prescription frames, lenses and details of Sunwise authorised Opticians please contact

Lightweight, firm and secure snug fitting.  Half-frame creates obstruction-free peripheral vision. Panoramic view enables maximum eye protection.  100% protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.  Clear, low, medium, strong light interchangeable lenses with each pair.  Rubber nose pads and sleeves for maximum comfort and secure fit.  Superb visibility in strong glare conditions.  Flat arms profile – perfect for wearing under a cap or a helmet.  Designed in Great Britain.


These glasses arrived just as the weather started to improve which gave me a good chance to see how well they perform over different types or runs and activities.   When you get them out of the box you notice how light they feel and with the mirror lenses I was really impressed by the look and feel when wearing.  The biggest issue I have had with wearing glasses for running in the past was that they either slipped or bounced on my nose and as I got sweatier the worse it became so I was hoping this would not happen with these.

My first run was a speed session, perfect testing of their moving and I was really impressed with the fit and they felt secure with no movement at all.  They felt comfortable to wear and after a while I forgot I was wearing them.  The Low profile design is great to wear with caps and I have also used these on training cycle rides and found them really comfortable to wear with a helmet.  I have then continued to use these glasses on a daily basis both as fashion wear as well as training and have been impressed with the look and feel of them.

Their main test to date was a very sunny 10km Trail race over very hot and hilly terrain.  I decided to keep with the Polarised lenses and joined the start line.  As the terrain got tough and the weather got hotter I was glad to be wearing them.  I did notice some slight fogging when I had to walk certain hills (yes it was that hilly) but I think this may be due to my head shape and the lenses being close to my eyes, but once I got moving again it soon disappeared.  At times running through thick trees my choice of lenses made me have to take them off, rather than sitting them on top of my head as they would get covered in sweat I carried them in my hand.  They were easy to get on and off in the middle of the race which really helped.

With interchangeable lenses i’m always a little nervous with changing the lenses as I have had frames snap on cheaper glasses bought on Ebay with my heavy hands but this was not the case with these.  The frames are very flexible and filled me with confidence with swapping the lenses and with the 3 colours sent with the glasses you have a good range of light options to cover (You can buy additional from the website too)

I think for the price point these glasses are a good buy.  With the inter changeable lenses they will cover most basis and they look good enough for general wear too.  I have found them versatile enough for most activities, even water sports. Only downside I felt was they come in a soft case, I think that a hard case is a far better option, especially it they travel everywhere with you.

Sunwise pic