Three runners wearing Suunto watches
Credit: Suunto

Suunto Race launched in Oct 2023 and by the end of May 2024, users had run 6,045,349km, cycled 4,223,211km, climbed 280,000,000m and tracked nearly 2m hours of activity.

Now a smaller version has been introduced – Suunto Race S. With its compact size and lightweight, it fits even more wrists, and its bright AMOLED display brings the screen to life in daylight and nighttime – just like in Suunto RACE.

Sport Modes: over 95 sport modes, ranging from trail running and cycling to swimming and yoga, each with carefully selected default data fields

Battery Life: On a long run or pushing limits in another sport, the battery can last up to 30 hours when training nonstop with best GPS accuracy. If you want to go longer, simply
optimize your GPS settings for more battery hours, and enjoy the outdoors. The battery can last even up to 5 days with the “Tour” battery mode on.

Training: track your training, progress and recovery, with metrics such as heart rate
variability (HRV). The benefit of HRV is that it serves as an indicator of the balance within the autonomic nervous system and offers valuable insights into an individual’s overall health and stress levels. More variation generally means the parasympathetic nervous system is doing its job as a regulator.

Everyday wellbeing support: monitor steps, calories, heart rate and sleep (including sleep stages), and receive useful tips and tricks to help in everyday life, such as alarms, music controls, weather forecasts and much more.

Offline maps: globally available free of charge, the top-tier GNSS system for precise location tracking even between tallest buildings and highest mountains, and a barometer for accurate altitude readings and storm alarms.

Designs: Six styles from subtle designs to vibrant racing looks.

Sustainability: The product is carbon offset with Verified Carbon Units. This initiative
involves planting coastal mangrove forests, which not only stabilize shorelines but also
remove pollutants, improve water quality, and provide crucial nursery habitats for fisheries.

Software: expect new software updates and improvements to your Suunto Race S even after purchase. In addition, with SuuntoPlus™ store, you get to enhance your watch with more sports apps and guides, and get connected to partner devices. With the additional real-time insights and guides, you can get even more support for your runs and rides.

Suunto Race S Key features

  • A bright 1.32” AMOLED display.
  • Easy to use buttons and a digital crown for quick and easy browsing of features and
    navigating maps.
  • Free of charge outdoor offline maps, built in-watch, with market-leading GNSS accuracy.
  • Advanced training metrics, with personalized feedback on training load, progress and recovery, calculated based on heart rate variability (HRV). Now, one can also see their training data against menstrual cycles.
  • Daily activity tracking: steps, heart rate, sleep inc. sleep stages, calories, stress and more.
  • Wireless over the air software updates to make the watch even better over time.
  • Premium materials: gorilla glass and stainless steel, and designed in Finland.
  • 95+ sport modes to choose from and the ability to create custom modes.
  • Weather forecast and alarms to stay aware of surroundings.
  • Fully carbon offsetted in a Tree-Nation reforestation project with Verified Carbon Units by planting coastal mangrove forests, which stabilize shorelines, remove pollutants, improve water quality, and provide nursery habitat that maintain fisheries. (validated by an international verification program ensuring the quality of carbon offsetting projects).