Be a part of Team Runderwear’s free, daily, 20 minute workouts that can see you make improvements to help your running training, all in the comfort of your own home! Created by co-founders Rich Edmonds and Jamie Smalley, both PTs and elite runners, these workouts will make you feel fitter and stronger in 60 days.

Gotta keep moving! Join the staff at Team Runderwear at 10am everyday as we commit to a 20 minute daily workout.
Challenge yourself to measure improvements with our daily workouts and weekly benchmarks.
Test again at the end to see your progress after the 60 Day Challenge.
How long can you hold a plank? How many press ups can you complete in a set time? Set goals, work hard and achieve with Team Runderwear.

The overall goal is to improve on the time it takes you to complete the Runderwear™ Pyramid Challenge time whilst the Weekly Mini Challenges allow you to monitor your improvement at individual exercises. Maybe you’re a runner looking to build strength, balance and joint mobility – these are ideal!

Join through Facebook Live every day at 10am