The running brand powered by Swiss technology is set to launch an incredibly light and responsive training and competition shoe.

On proudly presents the brand new performance shoe Cloudflow. Equipped with the latest generation of the award-winning CloudTec sole, it’s very responsive, light and made for speed. The all-new Cloudflow does not waste any time: ready, set, flow.

The newest On shoe is the best companion to achieve a runner’s high: A record-breaking 18 Cloud elements cushion and propel precisely where you need it. Made of Zero Gravity foam they offer ultimate lightness. The Cloudflow Speedboard is all-new and unique. With its reinforcement in the forefoot it is all about a responsive ride. The Cloudflow Speedboard encourages the natural rolling process and promotes an explosive take-off. Take the shortcut to your runner’s high in competition and training.

“To achieve a runner’s high while running is the best. A wave hits your body and gives you the feeling of euphoria. Your legs feel light while running and your mind is in a different place. Your body is purely focused on the here and now“, explains On Co-Founder and six-time Ironman Champion Olivier Bernhard.
Next to top athletes, also scientists are intrigued by the runner’s high phenomenon. First scientists claimed that endorphins are responsible for the emotional high. But in fact, endorphins may be unfairly hogging the credit for making running enjoyable, according to latest scientific results. The findings suggest that euphoric feeling may be the product of the body’s own endocannabinoids, the chemicals that, like the cannabinoids in marijuana, lighten mood .

Working together with sport scientists and athletes, the following guide was created by On to prime runners for reaching flow state:

To reach the high start low
Make sure for your run you have a shoe that’s light and supports a fluid transition to allow you to move how you were meant to. A shoe like the Cloudflow.
One day before: be sore
The day before your runner’s high run, do an intense workout. Muscles in recovery provoke neurotransmitters into action, priming them for next day’s run.
Early start, cold start.
Endocannabinoids levels are three times higher after waking, and cold showers activate them further. 1-minute cold shower will be enough.
Scream it up.
Stress hormones contribute to the high, so trick your body into producing them by yelling at the top of your lungs for a full minute.
Can’t… Speak…
Running at over 80% intensity is where you want be – a speed at which you can’t hold a normal conversation.
No distractions.
Listen to your body, and don’t worry about personal bests, times or tools. Focus on your surroundings, your route and your rhythm.
The road less travelled.
Run somewhere strange – the heart of the forest, the eerily quiet backroad, the street without streetlamps – somewhere that puts you a little on edge.
Good days and bad weather.
Sunny, clear days can result in sensory overload, and rain-running triggers the body’s immune system – both leading to more endocannabinoid.

The all-new Cloudflow is priced at £120 and will be available from November 2016. Guided by a selective distribution strategy, On is available at 2,200+ specialty running stores and in more than 50 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Cloudflow Women

Cloudflow Women in Spice/Flash,


Cloudflow Women in Blue/Haze,

Cloudflow Men

Cloudflow Men in Rock/Orange,


Cloudflow Men in Malibu/Neon,

Who is On?

On AG is a young Swiss sports company based in Zurich, Switzerland and Portland, Oregon. It has one simple mission: make running fun. This notion is spearheaded by a team of sports scientists and running enthusiasts led by world-class athlete Olivier Bernhard, triple world champion and six-time Ironman winner.

The revolutionary On running shoe has already won the prestigious ISPO Brand New Award for innovation in sport. And it continues to garner further design and technology distinctions all over the world – most recently the ISPO Gold Award for the Best Performance Shoe 2015/16.

On’s ingenious CloudTec® system is patented worldwide. Just five years since their market launch, On shoes are already available from more 2’200+ specialist running stores and in 50 countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia-Pacific.

How does On’s patented CloudTec® system work?

Cushioned landing, firm take-off: that’s the core concept behind the groundbreaking running shoe by the young Swiss brand. A radical development, On’s patented technology combines the benefits of a soft training shoe and a firm and fast racing shoe. Land on a sandy beach, yet push off from a firm running track!

The secret to this bold new dual functionality lies in the On’s “Clouds” – hollow pods on the sole of the shoe that stretch back on impact to cushion the landing and then lock to form the solid foundation required for a powerful push-off. The result is a new running experience: fast, light and agile.

Athletes report new personal bests and shorter recovery times. These findings are also backed up by scientific research: independent studies by Switzerland’s reputed Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have confirmed that the patented CloudTec® system substantially reduces athletes’ heart rates and blood lactate levels.