Hand picked trails
ARRRRRRGGGHHH! I was at work in March 2014 when I got the feeling that I wanted to run right on to the middle of a Scottish Wilderness! Somehow I knew that if I did that, then everything would feel ok.
Fortunately we had a holiday booked in the wonderful Torridon area of north west Scotland. A few weeks later I found myself running in what must be some of the most beautiful and unspoilt terrain in the whole of the UK. I knew that even if I shouted about this fabulous place, it was so remote and wild that not many would venture this far.
I thought about all the websites with 1000s of running routes on them – with little or no way for runners to find their way through to the finest of the finest. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website especially for trail running (where we’re going there are no roads.) My idea was to hand pick the very best routes in the UK. And so the idea of Hand Picked Trails was born.
I asked around on Facebook and Twitter and quite a few people agreed it would be a good idea and volunteered to add routes. So we were off…. The basic structure of the site was set up.
Running contacts past and present have been very supportive, and the site is beginning to have some buzz about it. Currently the most popular route is in the Lake District, from Grizedale Forest to Tarn Hows. http://www.handpickedtrails.co.uk/trails/viewtrack/7-
In the future, this might be a place for blogs, training diaries, race calendars etc but for now we want to keep it a place for people to locate and share the very finest trail running routes in the UK. There are a few race routes on there, but I’ve also removed a few that were posted as they had no route descriptions or photos. We want to keep the site special and a good reliable source of the very best trail running routes.
Thanks to all those who have already added routes to the site – I know you are all busy people.
Please do get in touch if you’d like to contribute, at the moment registration is by email only. What’s in it for you? You get to advertise yourself / promote your cause on your profile page.