I have only run the 1 marathon so far. As you probably know, London 2014 was my first. After finishing my legs & my butt (overshare?) did feel sore but weren’t as bad as I’d thought they’d be. Walking over the bridge by Charing Cross to Southbank did take some effort as those stairs were evil. All stairs were the enemy for the next few days. I did a bit of stretching & drank a protein shake directly after the marathon, as I do after any long run (over 10 miles) and I think the bit of walking did help my legs not seize up too much. Once I got back to the hotel that evening I did have a quick dip in an ice bath before a proper soak in a hot bath with a well deserved glass of Prosecco.

Running again

I did wonder when I’d feel like running again after the marathon, which was on April 13th. 2 weeks after the marathon, on April 30th, I got the urge & went out for an easy 5 mile run to discover my new area as I’d just moved house. After that I didn’t run for the whole of May- it was a crazy month for me as I changed jobs & had just moved house so it was time for running to take a bit of a back seat after being the priority for so long.

I did get my name straight in the ballot for London again. I had the marathon bug. I loved it and was up for doing it all over again.

I didn’t want to be out of running for too long so I signed up for the Great North Run in September to give me some motivation to keep going over the summer. So once I started back to running at the beginning of June I was out regularly again.

My 2015

I didn’t get into London Marathon 2015, I was very close to entering Paris but had a change of mind as I was worried noone would be able to make it out there with me. I entered Edinburgh instead. One of my best friends lives there so I thought I’d tie in a visit to see her. I entered & then get the post-entry panic at what I’d done. I saw a few bad reviews just after I’d entered but the #ukrunchat community put my mind at rest with a few people who had run it before saying how much they’d enjoyed it & the crowds were pretty good.

I also put my name in the ballot for Berlin. I’m not quite sure why, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. I didn’t really expect to get in….so of course I did! I felt pretty scared when I read that I’d got in but excited too- the same feeling I’d had for London. Berlin will be an adventure and I will have to be super good at getting back into training after Edinburgh. 2 marathons in a year does seem crazy, I wonder what I’ll end up doing next year?!

The Last Few Weekends

What a few weeks it has been! It’s been amazing to watch twitter, the support & advice have been pretty astounding. Tracking people running their marathons online & posting it was so much fun, seeing how people were getting on and then seeing how encouraging the #ukrunchat community are. I know I’m not the only one who has felt a bit emotional seeing all the amazing support that has been about. So much support in fact that the @ukrunchat team managed to run out of tweets half way through a #ukrunchat hour ….who knew this was possible? It was pretty hilarious, especially when we found out that the daily limit is 2,400 tweets.

Feeling the love

(Sorry….I get a bit slushy in this bit..caught up in all the marathon love & support going around)

I was definitely feeling the love & excitement from all across the country & got so caught up in it that I have now signed up for Brighton 2016. There will be an even bigger presence of the #ukrunchat community there next year and after only 48 hours of the entries being open the ukrunchat team was at 26 people. So I’ve only run the 1 marathon so far, but I have 3 more planned over the next year. I’ve been bitten by the bug, & I love it!

Meet ups make the race extra special. Meeting people in real life that you’ve been chatting to on twitter is great fun. The Brighton meet up looked great, & I was sad to miss it. I was at the meet at the Winter Run in London earlier this year and it certainly made what would have been an ok day an excellent one. It’s my favourite 10k by far & that’s nothing to do with the running. I can’t wait to meet more of you at various events this year.

I would just like to add a massive thank you to Jeff & Joe. They have created something amazing and the support they offer to everyone in the community is incredible. The amount of time and energy that they put into @uksportschat (which includes @ukrunchat; @uktrichat; @ukcyclechat; & @ukswimchat) without any rewards, except seeing the benefits from people across the country, makes them 2 very inspiring people.


That’s all for this week

It was an amazing weekend.  Thank you to everyone that could make the meet up and/or the meal on Saturday.  It is great to meet people in person.

I volunteered on Sunday morning at the London Marathon.  It was great fun being on the bag truck, taking peoples bags & helping them out when they needed it.  It is so rewarding to be able to give something back so if you have never volunteered please consider getting involved at a local park run or race.  Without the volunteers these things are impossible, and it really is so much fun!

Once I was done on the bag truck & had seen the red start go off I headed out to set up the #ukrunchat cheer point.  It was brilliant seeing so many runners, get a few hugs from people we knew and offered lots of yells & cheers & encouragement.  It was a really inspirational day and I am very proud of everyone of the #ukrunchat runners yesterday wherever you were running, not forgetting those at Southampton Marafun 2015, the Shakespeare Marathon, & many other races that people took part in yesterday (Sunday 26th).

I am sure the last few weeks has inspired a lot of people to get into running, sign up for a new challenge or enter a marathon for next year.  I will definitely be putting my name in the ballot for London on May 4th.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon.

Jen x.