Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Before all Interval and Hill Sessions try a 10-15min easy warm up followed by the drills shown in the first video.

For all other runs, try a short use of a short mobility routine before you start the run, as shown in the second video.

The plans give you designated days on which to train but they can be flexible. However it’s really important to establish a good routine in your training. You should try to have at least a days break between the more challenging runs we have planned (ie intervals, hills, and fartleks).

All runs are structured by time and effort as opposed to distance. This is easier for you. Running by distance does not take into account varied terrain, weather and mood! Running by time is more consistent.

There are 2 options to choose from, depending on how much time you can commit to your training. We suggest 3 or 4 runs a week alongside a short conditioning workout you can do at home


Fartlek: Loosely translates as ‘Speed Play’, these are continuos runs where you vary your pace and effort for set periods of time.
Strides; Short 20 sec relaxed sprints, focusing on tall posture and a fast smooth turnover of steps. Run 5- 6 with a jog/walk back to your starting position after each one.
Short hills: A steep climb that takes 30-40 sec to run up. Run these at a fast pace/effort. Walk back to the bottom each each one.
Long hills: A climb that takes 60-80 sec to run up. More of a grind- run these at steady pace/effort. Slowly jog back to the bottom each each one.
Strength (core): 60 secs of each of these 6 exercises in turn = 1 round. See plan for number of rounds. (see first video below)
Strength (legs): 10-15 reps of each of these 6 exercises in turn = 1 round. If in gym substitute leg press for Squats or lunges. (see second video below)

Pace Guide (Run Gears)

Gear 1 (G1): Easy conversation pace, if you aren’t able to talk, slow down!
Gear 2 (G2): Breathing starts to get a little more strained but you can still manage a short sentence. Comfortably hard or 7 out of 10/ 70% effort.
Gear 3 (G3): Breathing is deep but rhythmical – working hard, 75% to 80%. For more experienced runners this would be roughly 10k race pace.
Gear 4 (G4): Hard running- could say a word or so. Less control over breathing. Probably only maintain this for 10mins before slowing down significantly. Feel the lactic burn! 85% effort.
Gear 5 (G5): Flat out Sprinting. Wouldn’t be able to speak at all! 10-20sec all out effort.

Here are some training plans based upon your goal time, and the flexibility you need.