Uganda International Marathon  24/05/15


Sometimes a race comes along that makes you tingle with excitement when you picture yourself running it; the first ever international marathon to take place in Uganda is undoubtedly one of them.

Set to be quite a bit more than just a marathon race, the Uganda International Marathon is a unique adventure with a purpose. The race team want to give their runners the full African experience and leave a lasting imprint on the host town of Masaka. The build up to race day will see you fully immersed in the community, visiting the projects you have raised money for and volunteering. You’ll marshal the KidsRunWild race stretching the last 2km of the marathon course, watching the kids experience the joy of the finish line. In turn they’ll be passing you the water as you struggle round the course on Sunday..

The course itself will be largely trail and will wind its way through the small villages nestled in the rolling hills overlooking Lake Victoria. In a country that is renowned for its beautiful scenery, runners can expect some challenging hills over a two lap course that can be taken on as a full, half or relay marathon. The area around Masaka is quite simply stunning. At the finish line a big street carnival will be under way that will last until well after the sun has set. The medals will be a individually carved out of wood by local craftsmen, a cool touch for all the medal hoarders out there.

The basic package is £490 which includes accommodation either in a home stay or on a communal campsite, food, transfers and all race costs. Hotel packages are also available. How much are flights to Uganda in May? Under £500 right now. Time to get booking!

Fundraising targets are set by the runners themselves with a choice of projects and charities to raise for – a nice change from the usual fundraising demands placed upon runners and a great way to connect with the impact each pound you raise will have.

The team are actively encouraging runners to stay longer for yet more incredible experiences – Gorilla Trekking, Safari and even white water rafting the Nile river!

If you’re working on your bucket list, this adventure could tick off quite a few in one life-changing swoop.