The team from unilite sent me 3 of the most popular head torch’s to try as they felt they all had their place in the runners kit bag. Unilite seem to be a workman based product team but the things that would suite a road worker/builder definitely suit us runners too.   Unilite sent me HV-H3, PS-H2 and PS-H8 to test and I have been using them regularly with friends on road and trail runs.

Torch Lumens       Weight(With Batteries)      Batteries Burn Time on Full             Features   Price
PS-H2 80 80g 1 x 1.5v AA 13h Light on or Flashing, Hi – Viz Light and Strap £20.95
HV-H3 120 96g 3 x 1.5v AAA 4hr IR Sensor on/offCree on, Variable Light. Red Front LED, Red LED Flashing. £31.95
PS-H8 250 198g 3 x 1.5v AA 10h H, M, L + Flash.Rear Red Light/Rear Red Flashing Light £44.95

#prices from free delivery for £30 or over

As my wife will tell you I have a bit of a fetish for head torches as I have spent a lot of time out in the outdoors whilst camping or night walking as well as running so always have several led about the house and as I have started to do more trail and night running I have been on the lookout for a reasonably priced quality head torch.

When you first see the Unilite range you notice the Hi-Viz Colours and chunkiness of the torches but they are designed to cope with rough handling by workers and all are waterproof to IPX4 (Heavy Rain, as most running head torches) The PS – H2 & H8 have a head band as well as an over the head strap which prevents any movement.  The HV-H3 has a simple wide head band strap, but it doesn’t move once on at all.  All the torches are supplied with batteries so they are ready to go straight from the pack! All three head torches have adjustable projection angle which was really useful near roads as I was finding I was dazzling cars!!  I found all the torches easy to use and the switches easy to find even whilst running.


The PS-H2 is a simple no frills quality head torch, the strap has reflective points all over and it’s all contained within the front unit. As it has 3 straps it hardly moves and it was easy enough to tuck a cheap red flashing light onto the back.  It has amazing battery life and only takes 1 battery which is a real bonus.  I really liked this torch and have used this mountain biking too as I could get it to sit on my helmet.

The HV-H3 is new to their range and looks similar to other head band torches sold by other brands. Its main feature is it has IR on/off control.  This can be turned on or off and would be a great feature to a plumber or electrician but not really needed for a runner.  This aside it is a neat Hi viz head torch that stays put and gives a good output of light. Once again it was easy enough to tuck a red light onto the back if needed.


Even though on first impressions the PS-H8 looks heavy and chunky it was my favourite torch. Once on, you don’t notice the weight and the added benefit of a rear red LED made road running or running along the canal safer by far.  The light output is amazing with choices of 250, 115, 25 lumens and the highest is far greater than most of its rivals at a snip of the cost.  It has a good battery life on 115 lumens (Choice when road running) and the adjustable focus control was a nice added feature. This is the torch I now grab when heading out into the dark.

Pic-for-joe (2)


Personally the best all-rounder torch was the PS-H8 as it was bright enough for trail running as well has packed with safety features for road running and great light adjustability. My close second was the PS-H2 for its weight and simplicity and great battery life and light output.  The HV-H3 is a great torch but I think it has been designed more for the worker than runner and for an extra £13 you can get the PS-H8!  Before I was offered these torches to review I had never heard of Unilite but I think these are a definite contender if you are looking for a new head torch.