As an avid Unilite Head torch user already and having several Night Races coming up I was really keen to test the new offering, which packed a huge increase in light output.
I’m currently using an old Unilite PS-H8 (250 lumens) and finding it strong enough for most of my night runs/races even though the new version is even brighter at 350 lumens, getting hold of a 1100 lumen head torch for my 10 mile wildnightrun over Dartmoor seemed a great opportunity to put the PS-H10r through its paces.
Boasting over 1000 lumens for 3 hours at a price of £99 I couldn’t another main brand that could come near to that on price and light. My only concern was over the size as I wondered if it would be heavier than what I had already.
When it arrive it was bigger than my current torch both at the front and the back (battery pack is on the rear) Due to the light output the front needs to be bigger to give better cooling properties and a heavier weight battery means the rear also is a little bigger.
However with a 3 strap system, once you have it properly adjusted it does not bounce or move at all when running. With the battery on the back it was well balanced and very comfortable to wear. As predominantly a service/workman based company the ruggedness of the unit is great. With it being in Hi-Viz yellow with reflective straps the look may not be to everyone’s taste but you will be seen! As with the H8 it has a rear light which can be on/off or on flash. The difference with the rear light on this unit is that the rear light is white not red as the H8 as the unit is used by train workers and they prefer the white light. A clip over red filter would be a great addition to the pack as I would prefer a red rear light for running.
Now how bright is it? I compared the brightness with my current H8 and there was no comparison. It was so bright, trying in in our rear lane it lit up the whole lane clearly, having both torches on at the same time you could not even see the beam of the H8. I compared the H10’s beam to my car head lights and found it to be more focused and brighter! The major downfall of this torch is I didn’t feel it safe or fair to use it in built up areas on full beam (I got flashed by several cars on its first outing!) luckily it has 3 output settings which were roughly 1100lm, 600lm and 200lm. Dropping the output increases the battery life from 3hrs to 45hrs (according to date, not tested)
Being micro USB charged it was easy to charge on the go or at the home and a built in charge indicator allows you to see when its charged.
So, final thoughts……
If you run off the beaten track where seeing where you are running is a great need this is a great head torch. The flexibility of light output is great and even though it is bigger than the H8 you don’t notice it when it’s on. For trail runners this would be a great buy as it gave me great confidence in my route finding when navigating the moor in wet, boggy conditions as part of the WildNightRun. I was able to keep speed on the downs as I could see clearly where I was putting my feet, this definitely contributed to a 5 minute PB!