Have you ever walked into a specialist running store or shopped online for a new pair of running shoes? Confusing isn’t it. There are so many shoes to choose from; different brands, technologies, wide fit, standard fit, neutral, support, racer, mileage, heel drop and so on.

It’s a minefield for experienced runners, never mind beginners.

And then, even when you do find a shoe you really like and are comfortable with, the manufacturer will bring out a new model further down the line with some adaptation and there will be difference. It’s frustrating!

To find the right type of running shoe, it is advisable to get a gait analysis. This is a process that looks at how you run, how and where your foot lands on the ground and any areas of weakness in your biomechanics such as your knees or ankles. Most running stores will offer a one-off gait analysis for free or you can visit a physio or clinic and pay to have a full biomechanical gait assessment.

There is no consistency in how a gait assessment is undertaken. Sales assistants are not necessarily qualified to carry out a gait assessment, it’s done purely on experience. There is nothing wrong with that as some are better and more knowledgeable than others but, it’s about consistency and giving you the right information to help you find the right shoes for you.

Each store will be different in how they carry out an assessment. Some will watch how you walk while others will watch how you run on a treadmill.

Buying running shoes can be an expensive process. You want to make sure you’re buying the right shoes so that you can enjoy your running, be active and keep fit. Nobody wants to be injured, but buying the wrong type of shoes could lead to injury.

Once you’ve had your in-store assessment, the next stage is to choose which shoes are suitable for your running style.

The question is, why do you have to go into a store or a clinic to have a gait assessment? With the current pandemic and lockdown restrictions, we can’t do that anyway but surely with the technology we have available to us these days, you should be able to carry out a gait assessment in the comfort of your own environment and select from a full range of shoes.

That’s where mymo comes in. mymo is a wearable device which measures your gait and guides you to buying the right type of running shoes. It’s personal, it’s digital, it’s consistent, it’s independent and impartial. You can see your own gait data and all the shoes suitable for you, and you can use it as many times as you like. mymo doesn’t sell shoes, they will guide you to buying the right type of shoes.

But mymo is more than just a gait assessment. Also built into the mymo app is a whole load of value-added content for runners just like you. You will find everything from physio-led strength & core sessions, weekly Pilates classes specifically for runners and access to injury prevention videos to help you get fitter, stronger and stay injury free for longer.

To find out more, visit mymo.co.uk