Spotlight on ……. Georgia Mansfield aka @GeegeeMansfield

Georgia is a keen cyclist who has big dreams!

  • What made you get into cycling?

I got in to cycling after the Tour De France in 2012 and the London Olympics after. It was just really inspiring seeing Britain do so well. So I kept taking my bike out and really grew to love it and it’s progressed from there.

  • What has been your proudest/best cycling moment?
My proudest cycling moment was when I got invited to ride with the British Olympic development team in July last year because I had worked so hard in the Crit races but just missed out on a victory. So it was nice to have that bit of recognition.
  • What has been the biggest challenge you have faced?
The biggest challenge I have had to face is travelling. Most of the National Championship races are at least a 6 hour drive from where I stay and it costs so much to spend on nights away from home ( but it’s worth it )
  • Who is your inspiration? and why?
My biggest inspiration… Lizzie Armitstead! The Women’s London Olympic road race was the first women’s cycling event I properly watched on T.V and it was amazing to see her get that silver medal, it really made me want to try and make it to the Olympics.
  • What are your future goals?
Future goals… I would really like to become a pro cyclist and take part in races like the women’s Giro and then hopefully work towards getting selected for the Olympics, which would be awesome!
  • What would be your one piece of essential advice to someone looking to start up cycling?
For those new to cycling, I would just say enjoy it. It’s so easy when your aiming for big races or events to train so hard and forget why your doing it.  Also don’t think your invincible! Rest is as important as training – which is the biggest thing I have learnt.
  • What is your Favourite piece of cycling kit?
My bike of course! 🙂 Which is a Specialized Allez built for comfort.
  • What is your favourite thing about cycling?
The sense of freedom and accomplishment. Your bike can take you everywhere and miles away from everything. No one can see the effort you put in but you have your own feeling of achievement and pride in yourself!
  • As it’s Women in Sport Week what do you think is the biggest challenge for women cyclists, & how do you overcome them?
The biggest challenge women cyclists face is the lack of sponsors. There is not enough money funded towards women’s cycling so it is a lot harder for women to get on to pro team’s or even get involved in any major races. You need money to travel, for equipment and for hotels but without funding from sponsors it’s almost impossible to pay for it all. Hopefully as cycling get’s more popular more sponsors will support women’s cycling but currently most female professional cyclist’s have to have a job alongside there cycling career.