In all honesty when I saw the Threo running gear on their website I wasn’t that excited about trying it! However when I got the clothes I have to say they looked great.

I got the ‘St Jame’s Park’ sports T-shirt and the ‘London fields’ Leggings.  The T shirt has a lovely bright pink colour with some subtle designs on the sleeves and the brand name very nicely placed on the shoulder. Special features are a smart slit near the neck line for putting the headphones cord through and a zip pocket of fabulous quality on the back.

threo BottomsThe leggings look tiny but are actually true to size. A nice colourful design decorates the bottom of the leggings and the brand is subtly placed at the back. There are 3 zippers, 2 at the bottom for conveniently removing the leggings and one zip pocket at the back for keys etc. The zip pockets both on the T-shirt and leggings have mesh lining inside and actually work really well….no catching on any material or being sticky.

threo TopI tried the gear out on a 16km trail run!! I was worried I would be too warm in the long leggings but the material is super breathable and had no such problem. Both items were comfortable and also protected my skin well while running through shrubs without getting any holes in them or pulled threads.

I thoroughly enjoyed running in the Threo gear and would easily recommend it! I am sure the cycling gear would be of similar quality and comfort. I would like to see some more designs and colours in the future and I am sure that is already in the plans for Threo.

Review by @Katerinatanti