I have never been a fan of in the ear headphones since I began to run, I have tried many different brands and always get sick of having to fiddle with them whilst out or they fall out at a crucial moment but I have to say, not any more!

I was impressed by the packaging when they arrived and loved the fact that they come with a little pouch which you can keep them in so they don’t get tangled in your kit bag.  They came with 2 size ear plugs and once you have decided which fit best they are easy to switch and fit.  initial test (running up and down the stairs) looked promising as they did not move.

I used them in anger on a speed session, my thoughts were if they could cope with the movement, sweat and stop start nature they would be fab for my longer plods. I was once again very impressed, they were easy to get in and fit an never once felt as if they were going to fall out and were so comfortable I began to forget I had them on.  Since this I have used them on many of my runs and are my earphones of choice for the gym.

Fit aside the sound quality is great and I love the right angled plug which is great when you carry your iPhone in your back pocket on a run.  on the model I had for review it had a volume control on a central Y which was easy to use and locate and made receiving calls and pausing music very easy on the go.  My only grip was I felt the cables from the earphones to the Y are a little long and I would have like a little more on the section from the Y to the plug.  They are also supplied with  a clip but I have never felt the need to use it.

I have been using these for about 6 weeks in all weathers and I have never had a problem they are still great and as you can take the rubber ‘plug’ off which means it can be taken off and swill off.

If you are looking for a good quality in the ear headphone that will not slip or fall out I personally think this is the only choice,