Due to the increased demand in open water that we’ve seen during a disrupted COVID-19 hit season and as a result of people choosing new, social distancing activities with gyms and pools closed, Zone3 have recently launched the Valour wetsuit. Choosing your first wetsuit can feel as daunting as it can expensive, so with the perfect mix of flexibility and buoyancy, all whilst being very affordable, the Valour wetsuit is perfect for anyone wanting to try open water.

The innovative “Extreme Flex” inner lining material offers excellent flexibility around the shoulders and arms for a comfortable and energy efficient swim. This gives you the ability to move and use your full range of motion and glide freely through the water, conserving energy and reducing fatigue.

Improved body position
The 4mm Core Support Buoyancy Panels in the Valour suit improve the position of your legs and hips in the water, helping you achieve a more streamlined and efficient position, which will reduce drag and fatigue during your swim.

Durable and easy to swim in
Made from a mix of advanced SpeedFlo and Smoothskin neoprene to reduce fatigue, increase your endurance and increase durability. This also aids beginner swimmers who haven’t mastered the open water technique yet.

Easy to put on and remove
There’s nothing worse than struggling to get that wetsuit on or off, particularly with the social distancing measures put in place at open water venues/lakes. A high-quality YKK downwards zipper, combined with silicone coated Pro-Speed Cuffs on the wrist and ankles are great for putting on or taking off your wetsuit.

The Valour features a low neckline and excellent fit, as well as fully stitched and glue bonded seams throughout, making it one of the most comfortable entry level wetsuits available. This is also an added benefit for beginners who often prefer a lower neckline when starting out, due to any anxiety or panic that can sometimes set in for the occasional swimmer starting out in the open water.

“With Open Water swimming booming across the world, we felt it was important to produce a high-quality, starter wetsuit that is affordable and makes that barrier to entry a little easier on anyone wanting to transition or take up open water swimming. The Valour offers exceptional value for money, which is unmatched in the industry in price point vs features,” says Sales & Marketing Director, Mike Storey.

“By releasing the Valour wetsuit, we are giving consumers a great choice in confidently buying a wetsuit that not only delivers real quality for their first suit (or training suit for the more experienced) but also doesn’t break the bank!”