What made you get into running?

I always wanted to beat Gemma from school, at cross country I was second in the school year in, year out. One day I beat her and I gave up running! Twenty years later, I decided to do something for a charity after bad news, and so that’s how I got back into running!


Why did you choose to dress up as your alter ego?

Bees are needed for biodiversity of our food and plants, without them, there would be no us. How could I run for a cancer charity yet not highlight, that it was all futile without the buzzing creatures. I am so passionate that bees should not be compromised due to ignorance.


Which Charity do you support?

Cancer Research became my charity of choice, I love their positive attitude and the tag line that ‘we will beat all cancers’. The whole bee approach was all about positivity for me!

Over the year so many family members and dear friends have been so affected by cancer, a lot of races became a chance to share someone else’s memory, I ran in memory of grannies, aunties and I ran in hope for recovery of certain people too. This helped remind me what it was about when my tentacles for too big.


How did you find out about the London Marathon Magazine cover & how does it feel knowing you’re landing on 1000’s of peoples door steps?

Bee-wildering! (I’m allowed one bee pun, right?!). My friend Jen text me to let me know, I was at work. I came home to a huge amount of notifications! It’s surreal! I’m glad to be the ‘yes, you’re in mag’. It suited the whole atmosphere that developed during the bee year!


Will you be running London Marathon 2016?

No I didn’t enter the ballot, I really felt I’d had a chance, and it was someone else’s turn! I wouldn’t say no to another go though as I have something to prove to the last four miles!


What has been your most memorable running moment?

My most memorable moment was probably the great south run 2015.  It was the first of the three final bee races! I met so many ukrunchatters, and all my local honeys (ok two bee puns). Plus I had two close friends run as bees and raise money for the charity pot too! It was selfie paradise!


Who is your inspiration, & why?

My inspiration are people who get out  and do their thing, keeping it happy and positive despite all the things thrown at them. After all


(And perhaps Taylor swift, but Obama loves bees too …)

What are your future goals?

I need to start again fitness wise; I haven’t been able to get out.

I’ve got the great south run and bath hilly ultra 10k and then the imber ultra.


When can we next look out for you in fancy dress?

My third final race is in three weeks, I’ve said I’ll run as a bee again. To be honest it’ll be strange not to run as one!

And finally, what is your favourite thing about running?

Peacefulness, and quality time with the person I need to appreciate a little bit more.


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