We are Soar.

Soar is a collection of Strength and Conditioning professionals with over three decades of experience helping some of the world’s best athletes win sports’ most decorated titles. After becoming disillusioned by the idea trustworthy S&C support is withheld for elite sports people, Soar was created.
Our efforts are dedicated to making impactful training support available and accessible to everyday exercisers. Allowing us all the ability to continue to do the things we love, without the hindrance of injury.

What We Do

We are an evidence-based online Strength and Conditioning service. Our products are designed to be affordable and accessible, meaning you don’t need expensive equipment, gym memberships or hours of time. Instead we combine trust-worthy information, expert coaching and an invigorated community to give you the highest likelihood of success.

Our first two run specific offers come as a free injury risk assessment and a personalised 12 week prehabilitation program.

Free Risk Assessment

Becoming injured as a Runner is at the toss of a coin. Staggeringly 50% of Runners will experience injury this year. To reduce this, we’ve drawn on our decades of training experience with elite and recreational athletes to create an assessment process that identifies your areas of risk before injury strikes.

Our four exercises assess flexibility and muscular endurance of key sites on the body associated with vulnerability for runners. We are able to benchmark your physical ability against our standards and provide you with a definitive report on how you score. The process is quick, easy-to-do and can be self-administered using our follow along videos.

Ready 2 Run Program

Our Ready 2 Run training program is designed in appreciation to the result of your risk assessment. This allows us to create a plan that is personal to your physical needs. The program itself requires a minimal time and kit so you’re able to incorporate it into your days easily and the plan lasts 12 weeks. During that period we will check in with you to learn how we can further help and coach you along the process. So far, we have seen significant improvements in our Runners who feel stronger, run for longer and still prehab to this day!