By Jenni Morris

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I’ve had a quiet running week this week. Last week I did a 20 mile run during the week, then a 13 mile walk on Saturday & then did a run commute on Sunday (3 miles each way). I’m quite happy with where I am in training but I haven’t run at all this week yet. I needed a couple of days off as my legs were a bit sore from the weekend & then I’ve been away. Sometimes non-running things just have to take priority and I had a fabulous time visiting friends.

Now I’m back in London & have had a proper look at my calendar I’ve realised it’s only 2 weeks till my next Marathon! This is a bit scary so I have done a ‘Jenni style’ training plan to put my mind at rest. If I feel like I’m worrying/panicking about a run I just write down the dates & give myself a vague plan to put my mind at ease. This is one I made last night when I realised it was 2 weeks till the Trailscape Marathon.


If you have weeks till your race just write down the week beginning dates & the LSRs you need to get there- it will make you feel better. Here is one I made recently for a friend who was worried she wasn’t up to a long enough distance yet. Once you write it down it feels a lot better.

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This is the way I’d do it- of course there are a lot of of different ways- none of them are right or wrong (no matter how wrong yours feels sometimes).

I will get myself to that marathon and then it’ll hit me how close Canalathon is. I have packed in the running this year.

I also must get on my strengthening exercises more as I have been slacking on those. I think it’s important to do that to avoid injury & help the running. I like to include arm work, squats, yoga & a good stretch session in my workouts…usually courtesy of Davina 🙂 Her 7 minute stretch is great (I miss out the lower ab stretch as it makes my lower back sore).


I am in Ultra training believe it or not. As I am sure you have gathered I am a bit slap dash with my training but I think it’s important to enjoy it. I do worry that I’m not doing enough and feel a bit lazy when I see what other people are doing on Twitter and there are always people doing a lot more than me. I need to follow my own advice & not compare myself to others as I know we’re all different. Sometimes it can be hard to focus on your own training but it is important that we do. No matter how much we run there will always be someone running further & faster; or less & shorter: all in training for the same distances. As long as we are happy going into the race that is what is important. No matter how much we train a lot of us feel we should have done more but try to push that feeling aside & on race day we’ll give it our best shot on the day & enjoy it. Happiness is the key.

These Big challenges are scary & exciting so nerves are to be expected. This marathon is all part of my build up to Race to the Stones – very scary & exciting! It’s going to be pretty epic! And if I can do it anyone can- you just have to believe it (& remind yourself of that occasionally) .

Thanks for reading & Run Happy x.