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Help shape the future of running footwear.


Help shape the future of running footwear.

We are offering the opportunity to help a major running brand shape the future aesthetics of running footwear. You would need to be available to attend the ExCeL Centre in London on the morning of 21st April.

We would need an hour of your time (drinks & snacks provided) to take part in a consumer insights focus group with the aim to find out what you look for in your running footwear. The focus group will provide the opportunity to discuss your likes, dislikes and any other opinions of current products on the market. With your input we will work towards changing the appearance of future running footwear models.

You will receive a free pair of running shoes for your time and effort which will be posted out to you within 30 days of the event.
Please complete the form below before the 10th April to enter and we will be in touch Monday 11th April if you have been successful.

Thank you

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