CEP UK & Ireland announces it is teaming up with RunningWithUs; endurance coaching specialists led by Nick Anderson.

This exciting new partnership will see both teams working closely together, with CEP offering support across a range of RunningWithUs events and initiatives this year. This includes the work that the RunningWithUs team does with their partners and charity contacts, as well as with their own coaches and athletes. All members of the RunningWithUs team will also be fully kitted out in CEP compression kit, including their own custom-made CEP Clonetech Recovery Tights.

Matt Davey, Brand Manager of CEP UK & Ireland says,
“Teaming up with RunningWithUs is very exciting for us at CEP, our products are particularly popular amongst the running, cycling and triathlon community and there is fantastic synergy with the work that Nick and his team do with their coaches, athletes and partners. The team are incredibly active and forward thinking, and we are very much looking forward to seeing what we can do together”.

Nick Anderson, Founder of RunningWithUs says, “I have been coaching for twenty five years, and my team of coaches at RunningWithUs fully understand the benefits of quality fitted compression in training, performance and recovery. We work with beginners to elite level athletes every day and know that you will improve recovery rates, run faster and are less likely to get injured if you choose the right compression products”.

And the CEP compression products have been the choice of the RunningWithUs team for quite some time, as Nick continues, “We have been working alongside CEP for a number of months now, testing out their compression range. We firmly believe that the quality of their product range, along with their medical background makes them the market leader. Choosing CEP as our compression and compression sock partner opens up exciting opportunities and the best support for all of our running community”.

To learn more about RunningWithUs and the work the team does, check out their website www.runningwithus.co.uk

More information about the CEP UK & Ireland product range can be found via www.cepsports.co.uk