When I was younger I always set myself big goals in life. One was to be in the Army as a Physical Training Instructor and the other to be Olympic 1500m Champion. I am fortunate to say I achieved both. However, just because I did doesn’t mean I don’t want to do more in my life.

I have always believed that if you are going to do something, do it well. Being the best version of myself is something I strive to achieve every day. We don’t always get this right and when I don’t, I feel annoyed with myself or frustrated thinking I could have done better, but this also helps push me to focus more and achieve my goals.

Throughout the years I have realised that my life has been set on 5 core values. These are also five out of the six Army values so it’s funny how they also compare to the ones I had as an athlete;

• Courage – Doing and saying the right thing not the easy thing
• Discipline – Doing things properly and setting the right example
• Respect for Others – Treating others as I expect to be treated
• Integrity – Being honest
• Loyalty – Supporting your “team” looking after and helping them

If I maintain these values, then I know I can achieve whatever I want.

When it comes to my health and wellbeing it’s about being responsible, looking at what my goals are and being focused on the outcome. Eating a balanced diet so that I have the energy to perform during my busy days.

Not being an elite athlete now, does give me flexibility to do whatever I want when it comes to fitness. I try new classes, mix up my training so that I have all round fitness and join in with other people to stay motivated and socially engage, which is good for mental health.

I, like a lot of people, am so busy we can forget to do the things that make us feel good or less stressed. There are things I do in my life now to help make things less hectic; I take 10mins “Me Time” each day, I run a hot bath at the end of the day with Epsom salts and Radox, put on some candles, play my music or a mindfulness session and chill.
I put a day off in my calendar so I can do what I want, when I want, which does not include work.

I check my trainers before I go for a run or in the gym, to make sure they are not worn out. Injuries are the bain of a runner’s life and having had many over the years I do try to minimise them now. If your trainers are worn out then it’s too late, so I buy a spare pair in advance to minimise those risks.

Blisters, no matter how big or small, can cause you great discomfort, making you compensate to get away from the pain. I use COMPEED® to help with this and away from running and having to wear high heels, COMPEED® helps me loads!