DOMS Ease Oil products have been skilfully blended to help ease and comfort tired muscles and joints.They also aid relaxation after workouts, regular exercise and sports training. Our blended oils provide a warming, soothing and penetrating feeling to overworked muscles and joints helping them feel more flexible, supple and agile. Both oils can also be used to assist with pre or post warm-up massage helping to stimulate blood flow and aid muscle recovery. Both products are formulated using 100% natural aromatherapy oils and are sold without medicinal claims. Massaging Muscle Ease Oil or Sports Ease Oil into joints and muscles is the perfect way to loosen the muscles and ligaments, assisting flexibility.After exercise our oils can help with recovery by reducing any discomfort caused by vigorous exercise.Thus aiding a speedy return to sporting and fitness activities. Regular use of Muscle Ease Oil or Sports Ease Oil can comfort, soothe, strengthen your body to improve and restore normal movement to your overworked muscles and joints. This deep warming and moisturising oil blend will help you feel both refreshed and relaxed in mind and body.

DOMS Ease Oils products are 100% natural oil blends. Both products are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and made solely from 100%aromatherapy essential oils produced to British and European standards. Muscle Ease Oil and & Sports Ease Oil are currently used by a number of cyclists, runners, swimmers, triathletes, personal trainers, gym users, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, boxers, dancers, cyclists, footballers, golfers, bodybuilders, physiotherapists and anyone who regularly exercises.Muscle Ease Oil and & Sports Ease Oil have energising scents to help improve your mind and raise your mood. This can help prepare you for exercise as well as relax you afterwards. The fragrances released from both blends are most effective when combined with massage and good hydration.

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