Proper hydration is something that comes as a matter of course to most athletes. The need to be well hydrated in advance of physical activity – and the replacement of lost fluids afterwards is something that most people are fully aware of. Of course, with any lengthy period of exercise there is also the need to take on fluids during the course of the activity.
Some people will utilise a sports drink – but most athletes rely on good old H2O to fulfil their hydration needs.
The use of sugar based drinks is coming under increased scrutiny for obvious reasons. Also coming under increasing scrutiny are single use water bottles which are expensive to buy (considering what is inside the bottle is generally a free and widely available resource!) and they are creating huge environmental issues due to the large numbers of plastic bottles still ending up in landfill………and the ocean.
What is also happening, is the awareness of proper hydration is now becoming prevalent in everyday life – and not just when exercising. The health benefits of drinking proper amounts of water throughout the day are now being widely recognised. This has led to children in most schools having a water bottle on their desk all day to encourage them to drink water and stay healthy and alert. The same applies in many workplaces where water coolers are now regularly used to fill water bottles – as well as still providing a social hub of course!! And more and more public parks and buildings are seeing the welcome re-introduction of water fountains.
Some beauty spots and local authorities are now banning single use water bottles – and leading stores such as Selfridges have stopped selling single use water bottles altogether.
Enter the reusable water bottle. It ensures you can take advantage of the widely known hydration tool known simply as water………….all day every day. Whether at work, home, gym, school, restaurant…….you can fill your bottle up for “free”. You can sip away all day and ensure your hydration needs are easily met.
The humble reusable water bottle has become a daily accessory that is carried everywhere and is a constant companion in the same way as a purse, wallet, phone, keys or bag.
With the reusable water bottle now seeing increased use, it is an item that needs to function well……and also look good. This has seen a new breed of water bottles emerging. People are no longer accepting a bottle that leaks, smells of plastic, doesn’t let water out without strangling it or that melts in the dishwasher!
Therefore, a water bottle now needs to perform – and look good.
Ion8 are one such firm who are producing water bottles for the 21st century. The company grew fed up of buying water bottle after water bottle that simply didn’t work. So they developed a bottle that is streets ahead of everything else on the market. It is called the ion8 “ultimate”. It is 100% leak proof, has a vented, smooth water flow, can go in the dishwasher, takes a hot drink as well as cold, is made from Tritan which has no smell or taste, is BPA free so has no harmful additives, has a unique concave shape and also has a central band that makes it easy to hold. From a running perspective; it opens with one hand and has a perfect smooth vented flow to ensure proper hydration whilst on the move.
It is a water bottle built to perform and last; hence the lifetime warranty!
The next time you are thinking about your hydration needs – for running, sport, work and home……then consider getting a high quality, performance bottle that will last the test of time. You can then fill it up for free at any time, hydrate better on a regular basis and help to save the planet by reducing the number of single use bottles in circulation. And then enjoy the benefits of a permanently well hydrated body.
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Ion8 – the hydration experts