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This month I’ve been testing the Anita X Control 5526 sports bra from LessBounce. I am a firm believer in a good sports bra and changing your sports bra regularly as they wear out. We have to look after our assets, ladies!


The Anita X Control is described on the LessBounce website as “a firm support bra with cross your heart shaping … gives a great shape and an excellent design ensures a smooth and flattering fit … [and] … made from a very technical fabric which ensures a comfortable workout. The bra has a lovely soft towelling inside and shoulder straps with extra soft edges.”


I trialled a white one, which wouldn’t have been my usual colour choice as I like to chuck all my sports kit in the wash together but the bra does come in darker colours too. It has washed beautifully, however.


When I first received it, it didn’t feel like it would offer a lot of support, because it feels quite thin, but once I put it on, it was so comfortable I actually forgot I was wearing it – the soft interior felt really nice on my skin – and there was no uncomfortable jiggling whilst running so I’m very impressed with it. It’s like a second skin. Here’s the link:  https://www.lessbounce.com/product/anita-xcontrol-sports-bra


I already own a few sports bras from LessBounce and personally think the service they offer is great, which includes fitting advice and a great returns/exchange policy.


Click Here to see the full Lessbounce range

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