I recently ran the D33 Ultramarathon on the 15th March 2014.  After finishing I must have been a little light headed as I thought it would be a good idea to enter Lochaber Marathon on the 6 April 2014, my reasoning was, if I could run 33 miles then 26.2 would be a short run.

I am running this year for charity, so I am looking at more challenging races.  The charity I am running for is Visibility 

The day dawned for Lochaber and I set my alarm for 0530 (the 0 stands for, oh my god it’s early) and headed off down to Fort Willliam at 0630.  Leaving Lossiemouth it was blue skies and light cloud, however the closer I got to Fort William the darker it became, and sure enough just before the race started at 11am, it started to rain and it continued to rain throughout the whole race.

Lochaber Marathon To be fair to the weather the rain did change (just for variety) we had heavy rain, light rain, and rain with heavy wind, so variety was the name of the day, you still got wet though.

This race is an out and back race on roads, it was well marshalled throughout with lots of encouragement from the marshalls, who were just as wet as the runners and probably a lot colder.

After the finish there was tea/coffee and food plus some good facilities to allow you to have a shower.  It is quite a picturesque race as you run alongside a Loch, unfortunately with the rain that took away some of the stunning views.  I would, however, recommend this Marathon to anyone who is after a PB or it is their first one.

If you want to donate money to the charity I support you can do so by clicking this link.