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Petzl Tikka R+



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Technical Information

REACTIVE LIGHTING technology now maximizes performance of the TIKKA, the standard in compact headlamps. Light output adapts instantly to the environment and is optimized to guarantee the chosen burn time. The mixed beam gives the advantage of lighting adapted to close-range vision and to moving around (from 7 to 170 lumens, from 2 to 65 meters). The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with USB connection is suitable for frequent use.
When you first look at the R+ would don’t think it looks as if it would be very bright but this head torch does pack some punch.  The split headband is comfortable to wear and easy to adjust.  Even though all the weight is on the front you do not notice any nod or slipping as you run.The unit is easy to switch on and use and with USB charging it can be charged both via computer or by a plug adapter (not supplied)

It’s hard to notice the intelligent light system until you get out in the full dark.  The unit recognises when you are doing close and distant work and varies the power for you so you can read a map, look at you watch or pick out the route ahead.

Due to its compact size this has become my head torch of choice for everything I do and with its waterproof rating and robustness I don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in the poor weather.


  • Small Size
  • Intelligent light system
  • Split Headband
  • Removable band
  • High light output


  • No plug adapter
  • Adapter to use 3 AAA batteries is not supplied