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Silva Trail runner 2



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Technical Information

The Trail Runner II is a lightweight choice for running and lets you exercise anywhere and at any time. The ergonomic headband is extra wide and anti-slip treated, for a comfortable fit on your head when running. The small battery compartment with 3 AAA batteries is placed on the headband. Silva Trail Runner II uses the light distribution technology Silva Intelligent Light®, a unique combination of long distance spot light and close range flood light at the same time – light where you need it!
When you first look at the unit you would not think it would give out much light however running on Dartmoor at night was a good test for its full use.  With a large head hand the unit was comfortable to wear and the anti-slip rubber on the band helped to stop and wobble or slipping.  Even though it has a separate battery pack on the back which I thought would be a pain I forgot it was there after a while.  A good added feature was a loop for a rear light on the battery pack.

The light is strong enough to get a clear view of both the distant trail as well as what is under your feet.  The head unit looks compact and with the bevel in can be easily adjusted on the go.

This is a good torch for those who need a good level of light for dark night running.


  • Good light coverage
  • Thick head band which prevents movement
  • AAA batteries are easy to replace if runs out away from home
  • Band can be removed to wash


  • Battery pack on the rear makes the unit larger