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VR recovery Sock




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These socks made to a class II medical standard are tighter than standard compression socks. They are designed either for people with a specific medical condition or are also ideal for fit and healthy people to wear after exercise for recovery. After exercise, correct recovery is essential to reduce fatigue, help repair, and prepare your body for future activity. Our recovery socks are designed to help this process. They contain validated graduated compression (gctech), made with comfortable breathable materials and are designed to look and feel like a normal sock so can be worn comfortably in a variety of settings. The compression level ensures they will boost your venous return throughout wear, aiding the recovery process.The key aspect is that the recovery socks contain a higher level of compression (class 2) this provides a tighter level of squeeze compared to the rest of the range of products (class 1). As they are medical grade and properly sized this ensures they are not too loose or too tight.
When asked to test the VR products I opted to look at the recovery socks with all the people that are completing Marathons soon in mind. 

With their sleek black look these were ideal to wear at work under my trousers after a tough early morning run.  My first impression was the professional finish of the socks and the amount of stretch in the fabric.  They are easy to put on and through the simple fitting guide on the website they fitted well around the foot and calf.  The only downside was the sock was a little long which caused me to have to fold them over at the top to get a good fit.  (But at 5ft 6 I do have short legs!) I soon forgot I was wearing them and could feel a real support in my calves and felt they were having a benefit.  As a true believer of the use of compression wear both whilst and after running I was hoping for good results.

Without wearing only 1 sock to compare recovery of 1 leg off to the other I can say that I did feel a benefit in wearing them with my legs feeling fresher on the days that I wore them post run off to those I did and they have now become part of my long run routine.

The price point is good also which helps justify the purchase to help keep running and support recovery between runs.


  • Great fit due to measuring calf and ankle
  • Good colour choice
  • Great for recovery benefits
  • Wash well
  • Comfortable to wear