Having completed a couple of long run events.  I generally ran with just a Camelbak hydration rucksack.  I noticed that one of the club runners (who is an ultra runner) wore a Osprey Talon 8 Lumbar Pack.  During the January sales I happened to see one of these packs and so bought it.  I have worn it a couple of times now and I thought I would share my findings with you.

When I first got it I was impressed by the amount of pockets that are available, One on each waist and 2 larger ones at the back, I find I can store my food, gels etc in the small waist pockets and store larger things, like spare hat, gloves, phone at the back.  It also has a nice key feature, where you can clip your key onto the inside of one of the back pockets.  I like the 2 water bottles, it meant I could have one filled with water and the other with electrolytes.  I also liked the way the release and locking mechanism worked for the bottles, as it was extremely easy to release the bottles and then tighten them back in place.

On my first run that I wore this pack, I initially was surprised that it felt heavier than I expected but I did find it sat very comfortably around my waist with very little movement, the weight I felt came from my water bottles and the farther into my run I went the lighter it became.  Overall I am very impressed with this pack, it is well designed, it sits well and it holds a lot for the size of it.  I would recommend it to the long distance runner.  If you want to read more about this product then please look at the website which is www.outdoorkit.co.uk/brand/osprey_119.html