I decided to run all my races this year for the charity Visibility I decided to do it as they supported my 2 cousins you lost their sight when they were in their 30s.  So far this year I have ran Nairn 10km, the D33 Ultramarathon and I just ran Elgin 10km at the weekend.

On the 6th April I intend to run Lochaber Marathon, then the weekend after I will be running The Glenlivet 10km.

I thought I would tell you about my Elgin 10km race.  This was held on Mothers Day and initially it was thought we might have a low entry, but fortunately we had a good turnout of runners on the day, there was also a 3km fun run for ages 9+, this is to encourage children to get involved and also to allow those people who have just started running to experience a race.

The race starts in Cooper Park, and when you start you run towards and around Elgins 13th Century Cathedral,

Spynie Palacea magnificent start to the race, once past that the route takes you out into the country in a loop, at around 3 miles you turn offroad to an old railway line, where you run up towards Spynie Palace, around a cone and back to the road, once back on the road you head back into the town, and finish where you started.  Sunday was a beautiful day and it was hot out on the  course, it appeared everyone enjoyed themselves and I think the children in the 3km race enjoyed the creme eggs they got at the end.

I will write another report when I have competed Lochaber but if you want to donate to Visibility, you can do so here.