Get out and stay out whatever the weather

Meet the ordinary people doing extraordinary things in a NEW campaign from endurance accessories specialist, Sealskinz


An ongoing multichannel campaign from endurance accessories experts, Sealskinz has been offering inspirational insight into some of the ordinary people out there who’ve overcome extraordinary challenges to reach their sporting potential.


It asks the question: ‘What does endurance mean to you?’ through a series of dynamic films and content from top athletes as well as some of the many ordinary fans of the great outdoors.


Sealskinz will be launching two more inspiring instalments for early 2016, both brought to life dramatically in a series of short films.


The first follows 29 year-old Traharn Chidley. Traharn’s love of adventure and the outdoors has taken her all over the world. With a passion for trail running, Traharn constantly looks for new ways to push her boundaries. Competing internationally in the elite category for Gravity Enduros, mountain biking has required Traharn attain the highest level of stamina and fitness.


It has, however, been a long journey to get to this point. Traharn has a particularly inspiring back story having taken up adventure sports to help cope with the trauma of domestic abuse.


“My ex never took my biking seriously, he just laughed at me”, she says. “But that just made me even more determined. I could feel myself getting stronger, more confident and determined. I loved being outside, I felt safe. I didn’t have to hide or prove anything; it was just me and great outdoors.


“I loved the social life biking started to bring back into my life, people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds become connected and form an amazing bond through biking. I started leading a double life and it slowly pieced me together again.”


See Traharn in the new film here: 

To read more on Traharn’s story, check out her blog for Sealskinz here: http://bit.ly/23nUBDt


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