The 361º Meraki was built to be 50% ‘comfortably cushioned’ and 50% ‘feeling fast’.

Really fast athletes do the bulk of their training in this shoe, up to tempo runs, but many recreational runners also do their longer, slower runs in these shoes as well.

So what does this shoe actually do?
First of all, its fairly simple two layer midsole is providing a very stable base. Due to the full ground contact construction, with flex grooves from heel to toe, the shoe provides a very dynamic ride. The top layer is made of Qu!kfoam providing cushioning and comfort.

What is new about the 361º Meraki 3?
The platform has stayed the same (because many runners appreciate it!) but there is now a specific Ortholite sockliner on top. The result is more comfort for a longer period of time. And you get increased breathability and moisture management. In the upper part of the shoe, material and weight have been reduced, while making sure there is still a very secure midfoot fit and solid heel counter.

The 361º Meraki should make you feel faster. Whether you are that elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or that confidently quiet person working on their fitness level, one 5K at a time… Try them on and before you know it you are already halfway through your training session!

Jurian Elstgeest – General manager 361º Europe